Happy New Year!!! Your favourite working girl is back to spice up your day with her adventures.You ask the Lord for patience and he plants you in Rongai traffic to see if you’re really equipped to be a patient human being.
Monday 6:30am, I was super proud of myself for doing my morning routine in under thirty minutes. Congratulations working girl, it seems you’ve unlocked a new layer of yourself this year.
The key is preparation before you go to bed. Have your outfit ready and bag packed the night before, I assure you, it saves you a lot of time. Figuring it out in the morning will waste your good time. That is where you go wrong (I had to).
I actually thought I had something going with my new departure time (I had a really bad time track record, especially in December, sigh). I was still late for work, I got there at 8:45am, yes Lang’ata road traffic will do that to you.

There were so many cars in traffic, my word!!! It’s like everyone said, “January is finally over, let’s take out our toys to play!” No really, I believe there was a memo car owners sent each other.
Tuesday 6:35am. Don’t judge me, even after yesterday’s experience, I hadn’t the desire to leave earlier. There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens where I reside, people actually wait for nganyas (big beautiful buses with a lot of graffiti, which is art too and Hella loud music) and neglect the cheaper older ones. I was one of those people on Tuesday.

The reason people opt for these nganyas is speed, they overlap. Nganyas do not respect traffic laws, they make their own traffic laws. They also, more often than not, have a totally different price than the rest. Guess we have to pay for the hype, eey???
Quick question, does any of you believe these game shows are actually true??? The early radio ones. I don’t know how I feel about them. What if they just hire someone to call in and give them a small cut from the money?

It could actually even be one of their staff members, Nkiro from IT. Listen guys, I’m on to something. So they tell Nkiro the right answer and tell her to call in at a specific time, or, they make sure they pick Nkiro’s call first. I don’t know, maybe they’ll make sure she really is  ‘caller number fifteen’ with an alias. Bottomline, I’m usually very skeptical about these game shows.
Yes, even the ones where people hold dummy cheques and pose for photos.  Did you know whatever they win is taxed heavily??? Trust the government to do that.
Speaking of tax, doesn’t it make you mad that a huge chunk of your hard-earned money is deducted from your salary only to end up in greedy people’s pockets? It makes me so mad!!!7:40am, Mbagathi way. Not bad. I actually made the right decision to board this matatu. It has overlapped, used the alternative route that boarders Kibera.
I’ve been thinking by the way, iPad slum edition??? Why not. 🙂

I might have bashed radio shows, but, I like their advertising method, they ensure the message hits home. Repetition is key, it appeals to the psyche. Jingles too.
I’ve just remembered when I used to be an intern, the matatus I’d use had avid fans of Ghetto Radio. Some of the segments they had were purely entertaining. Listeners would call in and embarrass their deadbeat partners, some would call in with horrid confessions (others hilarious) and the icing on the cake would be the sheng news. Walikuwa wanatupeleka na rieng.
Such funny and fond memories.

8:10am, I am Here!!! Keep up working girl!!!  The difference between yesterday and today is that I might have chosen the wrong bus yesterday. I chose the right one today. 🙂 #pronganya #nganyasupporter.
Wednesday, 7:09am, fate links me up with yesterday’s ‘nganya’ (well, in all honesty, it’s not in the class of other nganyas, but it sure as hell is not like the slower buses). You know what they say, if it moves like a nganya, then it most definitely is a nganya.
We were meant to be, I really hope the driver pulls off yesterday’s overlapping stunts. Yes, I was slightly late today, I left home at 6:45am, not a good look working girl. Not a good look. Just seen a matatu written ‘Da Stone, Da Builder’. Wow, Jesus must be smiling from above.
I have actually walked for a short stretch today, the matatu I’d boarded from home had excess passengers, me being one of them. I know, don’t ask. On seeing the cops, the conductor told all of us in the middle row to alight. He returned part of our money though.
As fortune would have it, I got to the central stage just as the bus got there from town. This should be a love story. The lass and the bus. Lol. The music playing today is rhumba.  The lady seated behind me is humming along. Don’t get me wrong, I advocate for free will, but at least have a good voice or know the lyrics if you’re going to upset your neighbors.

The man next to her is trying to sleep, poor thing!!! The overlapping has begun, let’s celebrate brethren.It’s like she starts humming every song, then towards the end she stops, then I get relief that she’s stopped, only for her to start with the next song. Lord, save us.
I’m kinda sleepy, I don’t know if I should give way to my body’s desires. I didn’t sleep, I read my book instead. It’s captivating. 8:09am, we’re here, working girl!!! I’m so happy!!! ☺️
Whew, this is going to be a long blog.
Thursday, same nganya, surely this can’t just be a coincidence. The lass and the bus coming soon to a screen near you. I forgot to post the blog yesterday so more content for us, yes???  Yes.
It’s 7:30am, Bomas. Two baboons are fighting, one mother baboon has a baby baboon on her back, so cute!!! They say everyone has a price, Lang’ata Road traffic, what’s yours??? What do we need to do to appease you??
This driver always overlaps, props to him. Just when I thought we’ve exhausted all possible shortcuts, we pass inside the cemetery. The road is dusty, so we sure have had our share of red dust.
I’ve spotted 8 freshly dug graves and ninth one is being dug. Oh my word!!! That’s too many graves in one day, so unfortunate. The other shortcut we use borders Kibera slum. The largest urban slum in Africa. I got photos today.
The sun today did not come out to play, it’s decided to shine (no pun intended) and remind us who is boss. 7:48am, still stuck in Lang’ata Road traffic.
This is a reminder that I prayed for patience and the Lord decided this is how I’ll learn it. It’s funny how the bus and I are in sync, if I’m late, it waits for me. Three days in a row??? What a coincidence!!! The lass and the bus.
8:20am. We’re here working girl and we sure are happy. 🙂

Love Hacks

I know, I know, I’ve become inconsistent, like your ex was. Just kidding!!! Not sure I was though. Oh dear me, I must have forgotten that one of my goals this year was to be nicer. I’m clearly slacking on that one.

It has come to my attention that many people come to me to offload and rant about their relationship issues. One of my principles is to keep the issues to myself (and use them as constant reminders as to why I need to stay single). You know what they say, single people give the best advice.

Source:- Deposit Photos

From my numerous years of practice as an unpaid therapist, there are a few tips I’ve learned on the job. My side hustle as a ‘relationship counsellor’ or in the words of my clients (mostly women, by the way) , ‘Doctor Love’.

I hang up my boots on the ‘part time job’ (that didn’t earn me a single dime) a year ago after I got attacked. Well, that’s another tale for another day (or somewhere later in this article).

Here are some of my top 5 love tips. Straight from the oven that is an unpaid practice in listening to and trying to resolve relationship drama.

1. Watu waliojifunika na blanketi moja, usijihusishe na Mambo yao

There, I said it. Do not intervene in relationship matters, unless maybe, it’s your relationship. I even wrote it in Swahili for emphasis, also, it sounds better that way.

You remember the attack I mentioned earlier, it was by one of my client’s partners. He told me he knew everything I was telling ‘the apple of his eye’, who he used to treat badly, by the way. He dissed me in a subtle way.

That was the day I walked away from my then blossoming career in love tips. I was really good. I loved that women would see their worth after my ‘sessions’.

Need I say that that attack added me an extra hater on my long list of my then haters. That’s one more complaint to the big guy upstairs about me. I’m not trynna get my name scrapped off from the good book, so I had to slow down the love train.

My advice? Act dumb. Use the ‘What do you think is the right thing to do?’ on your clients. They probably have the answer to that. That way, when s*it hits the fan, it’s on them, not you.

You can thank me later. MPESA number is 07… Lmao. I’m kidding. I’ll send you my rate card instead.

Source:- Huffpost

2. You deserve love, Nana.

…and let the church say ‘AMEN!!!’. Yes, you. You that had your heart broken a few times in the past. I’m so sorry if anyone made you feel like you’re unworthy of love.

You deserve soft, unproblematic and genuine love. I need to affirm this more. Teach it, preach it and live it.

3. Love isn’t painful.

Source:- Pintrest

I know, I said I’ll stay out of ‘watu wawili ambao wamejifunika blanketi moja’s business, but love isn’t supposed to hurt. I’m not saying it’s all blissful like fairytales or telenovelas.

P.S:- The Cuando seas Mia theme song subconsciously played in my head when I said telenovela.

They’ll be tough times, granted, but tough times won’t be ‘KPLC’ texting your partner ‘You up?’ at 2am. Tough times won’t be abuse or constant gaslighting. Okay, I promised myself I won’t be the love doctor anymore. Tempting, but I’ll be strong.

4. Love or lust???


I do not shy away from acknowledging an attractive human being, that’s quite in order. However, lingering on thoughts of myself and the attractive person in compromising positions is lust.

Lust is physical.

Source:- EBSQ

You can also spot a real one from interacting with them, one who you don’t want to be in compromising situations with (at least not yet *cough*). One indicator is that you’d like to go deeper (no pun intended) with this person. You’re not only interested in their exterior, but also their interior, what do they like? What do they believe in? Their favourite colour (yes, I had to).

5. Love is stupid.

Before you go about throwing around the three word sentence like confetti, ask yourself, “Do I lust for them or do I love them?”

You’ll do many crazy things for the one your heart beats for (I may look okay, but deep down, I wanted to add ‘like the West African drums).

Nobody tells you in advance that love is stupid. You’ll see the number of things you did and laugh at yourself. However, do not entertain disrespect in the name of love.

Bonus Point.

It’s not Nairobi, you’re just promiscuous. Oh well, do you booboo. To each, their own.

Love and light.


Doctor Love. ❤️❤️

5 Things I’m Taking With Me To The New Year

December 23rd 2020. 7:33am. Dear working girl, start on a clean slate in 2021. Please!!! I woke up in a writing mood today. It’s my official last day at the office today, thanks to weekly shifts due to corona. I’ll still be working next week, only from home. Praise be!!!
I’m glad I got my writing jig on this year. I wanted to leave you guys with a fun one, from your favourite working girl, ME.

P.S:- (Working Girl Chronicles) For the first time today, I’ve gotten a matatu that is heading straight to town, I don’t have to connect. Yay!!!
Welp!!! We’ve been arrested, rather the driver and the conductor. I celebrated a bit too soon.
We’ve had to board another matatu at Tuskys, the cop escorted them to the police station.
So here goes the 5 things I’m Carrying To 2021 (or taking with me to the new year, or holding close to me in the new year). You know what, I’m sure you get the drift.
1. The Lord, My Provider.
Let me tell you Maina, had it not been for the Lord, so many things would have gone wrong. Thank God I’m making it out alive and well and for many other blessings he’s bestowed upon me.


2. Feminism.
This is a hill I’m genuinely willing to die on. :-). I am a woman, by a woman and for women (this should be my feminist slogan). Y’all remember history??? I derived that from  the definition of democracy. 🙂


Source:-The Messy Truth of Mommyhood

3. Eyeshadow.
Don’t look at me like that, Nana. You know I kill it in eye shadow. I just need to perfect the art of application, both of eye shadow  and make up. Yes, I think make up is beautiful art, to hell with all those misogynistic myths about make up.

Source:- Shari F

4. Abundance Mentality.
I want 2021 to be my year of abundance. 🙂
I know, I know. The Rona, corruption, men (LOLOLOLOL), all these things going wrong in the world, but I still want to speak abundance over my life, in all aspects. 🙂

Source: Behance

5. African Literature.
Best believe!!!
I love African stories a bit too much, especially fictional ones. I have a creative mind, so I feel really represented when I read a good story.

Source:- Nka Nkatha Channel❤️

These are just 5, in no particular order, to jumpstart my writing again, because I’ve been a bad blogger.
There are some that are non negotiable, like family, content creation, hydration, work, my skin care routine, etc.
What are some of the things you’re taking with you to 2021??? Are you excited about it? Let me know in the comment section. 🙂

I wish you a Merry Christmas. ❤️

Welcome Back, Working Girl.

Wahenga walisema kuwa ‘Siku Njema Huonekana Asubuhi’. Kidosho yule aliamka  na furaha tele. Jumatano ilikuwa siku aliyependa zaidi kuliko zingine zote. Alienzi pia Jumapili na Ijumaa, lakini Jumatano ilimpa bashasha kupindukia.

I’m a bit rusty, I haven’t written in ages. I had fatigue last week, which made sense since I hadn’t taken leave days, ever! Work flow yesterday was good, I enjoyed ‘day one’ of my work week.

There’s a bit of traffic along Lang’ata Road, it’s been caused by that bump. I was mind blown when I heard bumps actually cause a bit of traffic.

The conductor is one heck of a swindler, he’s overcharged everyone. I have marked his face, I’ll never board his matatu, ever. I wonder if he’ll look back and question himself, probably not. He looks ice cold, like he’s used to being a shark and ruling the ocean, while we, the smaller fish, move cautiously.

The driver, on the other hand, forgot his way around bumps. One mishap is okay, but three??? Sigh!

For a long time I’ve been wanting to have necessary conversations on my platform. Convos on consent (which I’ll start with), harrassment, assault, finances, etc. Basically women rights and everything feminism. Who knows? That could be my niche. Let’s see how it all pans out. Wish me luck.

My tasks today revolve around creativity and I’m honestly here for it. I’ll also do hella research on consent. I’d want my video to be detailed. Getting a ring light for my content, Yaaay!!! There’s a man coughing in this matatu, scary much.

Now in Madaraka, it’s 7:55am , working girl. I carried breakfast and lunch, so I’ll be heading straight to the office. It’s 8:00am, Nyayo Stage. These new number plates look nice. There’s a sticker in this matatu advertising camel soup and its benefits. I’m a bit adventurous, but damn, a camel?

I hope I’ll get to work in good time, hopefully. Not too late, just reasonably late. Why are we being held in traffic? This reminds me of ‘blue uniform’ by Sauti Sol. I’m dedicating it to the traffic officer today, only that in my case I’m not walking around without my ID from singing practice. I love that band.

Did I tell you the greedy conductor made us change matatus??? It was just me and a guy left, most people alighted at Nyayo Stadium. He tried to make away with my Ksh.50 change. Out here pretending he’d given the new conductor my change. First you overcharge me, then try steal? Man, you are cancelled.

I really laughed at the new conductor’s Kikuyu narration to the driver about how Mwangi (the greedy one) had just tried to steal from abiria (me). Traffic along Uhuru Highway, just next to Neno Evangelism Center, Haha. All those pastor Ng’ang’a memes replaying in my head now. Especially the guitar one. Then there’s the Snoop Dog one, pahaha. Did he just -? Anyway, 8:14 am, Agip. 8:20am, the office. Yaaaasss!!! We love to see it!!!

Welcome back, working girl. 😉


“Kwani hii boda Iko na speed governor???” “Mbona anaenda polepole hivi sasa???” “Sasa mbona ulisnooze? Vitu Mob Si must aaaaghhh!” Those are some of the questions I asked myself on my motorbike ride to the main stage.

I really cussed internally. In case you’re wondering why I took a ‘nduthi’ all matatus that passed by my home stage were packed to capacity, yes, including the ‘DO NOT SIT HERE’ seats.

When we got to the market, the motorbike halted abruptly because of fuel issues. One of his colleagues passed us and asked him jokingly (or not), “Kwani uliweka mafuta ya thirty Bob?” I had to get off the bike to give him space, then he opened the fuel tank and sucked it to stir the fuel inside. I must admit that it scared me for a minute because I thought he might invest it accidentally, but then again he looked so comfortable doing it, so I let it slide.

In a few seconds, we were back on track (no pun intended). Press ignition, let’s roll. “Ingia haraka haraka, hapa Hakuna mafuta,” he said. I did exactly as he said because heaven knows I wasn’t going to walk the remaining distance. The speed at which we rode was alarming, he kept hooting at innocent pedestrians who’d come from the market to purchase fresh produce.


All of a sudden the snail speed he exhibited at first made sense to me, he was most likely afraid to run out of fuel. When we got to the stage, he apologised for the mishap and said he’d forgotten to fuel his tool of trade. In all honesty, I was just happy to get to the stage.

I boarded the first bus (I know) I saw because of haste. 7:30am, really, working girl??? Allow me ‘sanitize’ myself (as our politicians in Kenya do all the time) by saying that for the whole of this week, I’ve been really punctual, like 8:00am punctual.

We can confidently say that my calls to do better by myself on matters punctuality from the previous blogs have worked? In my defense, today is Fri-yay, what harm could ‘putting in extra sleep’ do??? Okay, I need to stop being tardy. I have a long weekend ahead. I work from home on Mondays and next Tuesday is a public holiday. It feels so good to be one of God’s favourite child. 


It’s 8:05am, I’m now at Nyayo Stadium. There was no traffic jam, which is a huge surprise when you live where I live. Okay, I might have jinxed it, there’s the usuall Nyayo traffic. Peeped the Yamaha showroom and spotted a very sexy motorbike. Such a pretty little thing. I’d love to learn to ride one day though. I’ve always wanted to learn, I just haven’t been intentional about it though. Fridays make me feel like I’m not enjoying my youth to the maximum. I literally always have no ‘Fri-yay’ plans. Oh well, all in due time. I got to work at 8:25am… Whoops!!! Is that all you can say??? Really, Working Girl???


My punctuality has been under attack off late. The girl who’d get to work at 6:20 am or 7:00 am is now no more. She died. Dead as a DODO.

I keep saying I’ll do better, but I can’t bring myself to it. It’s 8:30am, I prefer to withhold information about where exactly I am. This is purely out of shame and not security purposes (because the internet can be scary). Yesterday I celebrate my first year anniversary with ice cream and good music. I had an ice cream party. 🙂

That makes today the first day of my second year in my successful content creation career. I’m genuinely excited to see where this will go. We had an incident in the morning, the door of the matatu I was in initially fell off. They tried fixing it, but to no avail. I had to walk to the main stage to get another vehicle. It’s Fri-Yay!!! I really like my outfit, so chic!!! I look awesome.

Congratulations, Working Girl.

For putting in the work for a whole year. I wish you all the best as you move forward. May all your dreams come true. 8:39am, my word!!! I’ll get to work REALLY LATE!!! What is this culture you’ve picked up. Oh, I know. It’s sleeping late as you move across all social media platforms then in turn struggling to wake up in the morning. You are a chronic snoozer, working girl. I’ve seen a man with a hoodie written ‘Ooliskia Wapi???’ Haha, we’re never late Kenyan, now, are we???. 🙂

There’s a noisy man on phone telling his friend, “Jana kulishika bro.” For crying out loud it’s 8:43am, Sir. I miss my bed, from the deepest part of my heart. I’m so sleepy. I’m facing consequences of my poor decisions. I should put a data limit on my phone, or alternatively set a sleeping and waking up time, yeah, just like in primary school. I can’t function well as a sleep deprived girl. It will probably also affect my mood at work.

We’ve passed that church that is in between two mortuaries. It scares me, imagine being mid service and seeing a body being brought in or taken out. 8:50am, jeez, working girl. Are you serious??? The phone man is still speaking. Now at Kenya National Library services , 8:55am. I wonder if their services are good. When I’ll do my Master’s, I’ll probably go their to research. Speaking of Master’s, maybe I’m ready to enroll. I’ve seen a car with a very beautiful bonnet, they’ve put cartoon stickers and on the roof too.

I’m thinking about the walk of shame I’ll do as I strut into the office past 9:00am. Unachoma, working girl. Unaburn Sana. I just want to go back to my 8:00am days. Next week, I’ll pull up my socks. Congratulations though, for being consistent in putting out content for a whole year. May your next year be full of pleasant surprises. 🙂


Remember when you were ten and couldn’t wait to grow up? How’s that going for you? Do you have many ‘I want my mummy’ moments or are you more of the ‘I got this, I’m a boss’ type? I hate to admit it but I am both, depending on the circumstance presented ahead of me. ‘Adulting’ to me has been like running towards a door in slow motion with jolly music playing in the background, only for it to get slammed on my face just as I was about to cross on the other side.

PAAAH! That’s the sound your face makes when you make contact with the door. It’s disappointing, huh? I wouldn’t entirely talk smack about adulting, I mean I’ve enjoyed some of it’s perks, but it does get scary sometimes. You’re in charge now, take the wheel, Captain! It’s been a bitter sweet journey for me. Here are some of the reasons why:-


You are no longer under your parents’ wing. You may still live with them, but you have to realize that this is your life. The consequences for your choices are solely yours, you can’t co-sign them with anyone else. It was much easier when our folks would make some decisions for us. a teacher would ask for your parent’s signature for a trip, but those days are long gone. Right now, it’s up to you to decide. If you make a wrong turn, that’s on you Fam. Good thing is you could always bounce back.



It may not entirely be a bad thing, at least now you don’t have to keep asking your dad or mum for money. It stings though, because you move from being a freeloader all your life in your father’s house to drawing up your own budget. You have transport costs, entertainment costs, tithe, SACCO, savings, chama, etc. Oh, how they grow up so fast.


Adulting entails that you learn things through experience. I don’t like the fact that I had to go through something in order to learn one thing. That basically sums up adulting, ‘You fall down seven times, get up eight’. You learn how important respect is when you get into a relationship with someone who doesn’t value respect as a basic human virtue. You’ll learn that friendship isn’t forever when you lose friends like a tree sheds leaves. In all these lessons you’ll realize that you become stronger and the process changed how you view things.



All in all, WE MOVE. There’s no beautiful journey that lacks bumps. I wish you all the best in your adulting journey.

P.S – ‘Adulting’ is not an actual word.


The good cop-bad cop system they use on radio is starting to get old. I’m not saying that people should always agree on opinions, but darn! Some things require a human touch, they are not debatable!

The conductor jamming to midnight train made me super happy, Sauti Sol is such a talented bunch. I like my outfit today, I wish I could get photos, but my fave photographer left, yes, for greener pastures. I pass through a cemetery and a national park everyday, it’s wild when I think about it.

The animals must be up and ready for the show. You know, people are going to see them and marveling at how mighty they are. Say a lion roars, or monkeys jump up and down and say, they spot the leopard on the tree, I assume that would get the audience excited. I just wonder though: – Are they ever bored of being in cages??? Do they miss their friends in the wild??? Do they have bad days where they feel like they don’t want to show up?

‘Gasolina’ is playing now, I have such fond memories of the song. It’s such a good jam. Why was I trying to shake my derriere at such a young age? Out there thinking I could move like them – Ha! Back to the cemetery, so many buried dreams there, some say that it’s the richest place, because in it there lies great ideas that would have been executed. So live while you can, enjoy yourself baby boo. Did I tell you about how good I feel in today’s outfit??? I did? Okay. 🙂

The driver has stopped at Nyayo to put on his uniform. He definitely doesn’t want to land on the wrong side of the law. Jam at Nyayo, oh my, it’s 8:31am. We have a performance appraisal today, wish me luck!!!

A Kisii man has just called in during the radio show, they are some of my favourite peeps in Kenya. He’s called to tell us about his child outside (which is the motion of day).

Today’s matatu graffiti that has stood out for me was, ‘Kwa ground vitu Ni different’. It was tucked tightly at the corner of the big Naboka Sacco Bus. I love that phrase… Keyshia Cole and Sean Paul are on now, the driver has increased the volume and I’m here for it. I’m late, but oh well, life’s too short to not enjoy good songs. I really need to work on my snoozing. I should include it in my morning routine video.

My Gosh, what an attractive man that was!! 8:39 am… I have a slight headache. Sigh.

My appraisal is at 10am. I should be able to get there in not-so-bad time. I get so paranoid when I see people standing outside windows in traffic…My first thought, “PUT THAT PHONE DOWN!” Yeah, it’s trauma.

Aubumeyang has signed another contract for Arsenal??? WOW!!! Whooo-hoooo! Awesome!!! We still have him for three years. 8:42am. Agip Stage. Good job, working girl!!! My current  read is awesome, I really like it. It’s so dramatic, here for it!

Got here at 8:50am. Really bad, working girl. DO BETTER NEXT WEEK!!!


The Lang’ata joggers I used to talk about have reduced significantly. One stood out for me, a ‘bulky’ guy jogging. He looked like he was in his early forties. I wonder what his life story is, anyway, that’s none of my business. It was encouraging to see though, because clearly, it’s never too late to start your journey.

Our departmental strategy meeting starts at 8:30am, it’s 7:56am and I’m still at Nyayo Stadium. I pray I make it in good time, I don’t want to be the girl who walks in late and out of breath from running to the conference room, lol. I’m sure I’ll make it in good time. Breakfast will be delayed though, since I detest eating in haste.

The local radio station we were listening to in the matatu really pissed me off, the babe said something that had me thinking about how someone would pull off such a stunt on National Radio??? Or maybe, just maybe, I was not the target audience. The driver switched to a different station though, where we got to enjoy good old fashioned music. It’s FRIDAY!!! One of my favourite days of the week, I’d like to shoot content this weekend, I really hope procrastination and sleep won’t come visit.

Peeped the Nissan showroom in traffic today, I’ve seen a white beauty. There’s a furniture shop that has very beautiful decor outside, I’d definitely be attracted to that. That’s really good Marketing, if you ask me. Yeap, you’re right, I have an obsession for advertising, product placement and Marketing in general.

I had an 8pm Zoom meeting yesterday, I’ll use the action points from the meeting to keep me going through the day. It was so productive, no, not work related, but boy am I excited about it. Why do people start hooting aimlessly when traffic starts moving??? Like y’all, chill, we’ll get there eventually. The police officer is such a drag though, what’s taking so long, Sir???

It’s 8:08am now, I guess I’ll just have the banana first, attend the meeting, then have breakfast after the meeting. Today will be a good day, It’s FRI-YAY, Working Girl. 🙂 Just seen Times Tower, which was once the tallest building in Nairobi. Seasons change, yeah??? Finally, the law enforcement officer has instructed our lane to move. The driver was clearly eager, because the speed at which he moved, Weuh!!!

It’s 8:12am, Late, Working Girl??? Because another officer has stopped us, just as I’m about to reach the finish line. This is upsetting me and my homegirl (still me). My song is playing, maybe I should try sing along to calm my (late) nerves. Sigh!!! The cop is unbothered, he’s even faced a different direction. Just when I’m about to get to the finish line. 8:15 am, panicky, working girl???

Thank heavens I carried both breakfast and lunch, so I won’t be making any stopovers. Can’t wait to get to work, sigh!!! UPDATE:- 8:19am, Release. We’re freeeeee!!! Finally, I got here by 8:28am, no, I’m not the last one, PHEWKS!!! Had my banana first, because I can’t function on empty. It’s going to be a very good day.

Working Girl, As A Woman You Should…???

I’d like to announce that the inconsistency in my blog and I are now in the final stages of separation. Let me fill you in on the deets, it was a bit blurry at first during the talking stage, then it become evident that we were an item and we going steady. I told him recently that I wanted us to break up (yes, it’s a man). No, we won’t be friends after. He didn’t take the news well, but I hope he moves onto the next one.

My main bitch, the one I truly love – let’s call her vlog consistency -and I are doing alright. We’ve spent a good amount of time together and we’ll be seeing each other very soon.

Now, onto the main post. My week has been great so far, I’ve enjoyed working (can’t believe I’m saying this consciously). I’ve been as busy as a bee these past three days, I should probably start a clothing brand named ‘Busy Bea’ (get it?).

We have an upcoming event at work on Friday, a webinar. The panelists are really cool peeps, passionate about mental health. Guess who will be the host? ME! I am so proud of myself. It’s been a really long time coming regarding this concept and now we’re just down to the last three days. Wish me luck.

To usher me back to blogging, allow me give y’all a story. 💃

Have I ever told you about that strange man from another department who tried me with that stupid “As a woman, you should…” analogy a while back? It irked me because he didn’t even introduce himself, just jumped right in and began asking me if I’ve carried lunch for the both of us. I was going to warm my food and he’d come to see the man who sits behind me, an accountant.

The fateful events of that day went something like this:-

(Strange man who had initially come to see the accountant moves closer to my desk as the accountant looks for some documents. We’ve never met before and he doesn’t bother to say hello or introduce himself).

(Beautiful maiden on her way to warm food, she’s perturbed by the fact that a strange man is talking to her so casually and why he’s facing her desk now)

Him:-Leo umetubebea nini?

Beautiful maiden:- (shocked by the audacity while still trying to be polite) Nimebeba yangu pekee yangu…

Him: – But you know ladies are the ones who should be carrying food and they should not carry theirs alone…

Her 😦 (Walks to the microwave without uttering any word, because she does not have that time. Also, she is really trying to be right with the her maker)

Is it crack that some people use? You could dismiss it as a ‘joke’ cause he’d seen me with my dish, but were we really cool like that? I did a rant video when I got home, I didn’t post it up.

In case you’re wondering why I’m telling you this, it’s because I’ve seen the man today. He’s from a different department that sits on another floor. Apparently he knows my work friend. I overheard him say to her, “I’m looking for a lady who will take me out for lunch, do they exist?” My friend (a lady, btw) says, “Yes, they do, actually.” The man went on a long rant about how the ladies he’s been with have never bought him lunch. She was super unbothered, her eyes were fixed on her screen.

Yes, I still don’t know his name and I have no desire to.

A wave of pity engulfs me as I think about the numerous ladies he’s pulled a, “Utanibuyia lunch lini?” without introducing himself. I giggle (inside my head). I

don’t have a problem buying lunch, by the way. Just that it has to be someone I’m familiar with or I like, not someone who has approached me and pulled a, “Ladies are supposed to carry lunch for everyone.” Was he mad?

At least his encounter got me out of a lengthy writing hiatus (insert inconsistent phase).

It made for a good tale. If you ever read this, carrying food is not a gender role. If you want to eat, carry/buy your own.

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