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Remember when you were ten and couldn’t wait to grow up? How’s that going for you? Do you have many ‘I want my mummy’ moments or are you more of the ‘I got this, I’m a boss’ type? I hate to admit it but I am both, depending on the circumstance presented ahead of me. ‘Adulting’ to me has been like running towards a door in slow motion with jolly music playing in the background, only for it to get slammed on my face just as I was about to cross on the other side.

PAAAH! That’s the sound your face makes when you make contact with the door. It’s disappointing, huh? I wouldn’t entirely talk smack about adulting, I mean I’ve enjoyed some of it’s perks, but it does get scary sometimes. You’re in charge now, take the wheel, Captain! It’s been a bitter sweet journey for me. Here are some of the reasons why:-


You are no longer under your parents’ wing. You may still live with them, but you have to realize that this is your life. The consequences for your choices are solely yours, you can’t co-sign them with anyone else. It was much easier when our folks would make some decisions for us. a teacher would ask for your parent’s signature for a trip, but those days are long gone. Right now, it’s up to you to decide. If you make a wrong turn, that’s on you Fam. Good thing is you could always bounce back.



It may not entirely be a bad thing, at least now you don’t have to keep asking your dad or mum for money. It stings though, because you move from being a freeloader all your life in your father’s house to drawing up your own budget. You have transport costs, entertainment costs, tithe, SACCO, savings, chama, etc. Oh, how they grow up so fast.


Adulting entails that you learn things through experience. I don’t like the fact that I had to go through something in order to learn one thing. That basically sums up adulting, ‘You fall down seven times, get up eight’. You learn how important respect is when you get into a relationship with someone who doesn’t value respect as a basic human virtue. You’ll learn that friendship isn’t forever when you lose friends like a tree sheds leaves. In all these lessons you’ll realize that you become stronger and the process changed how you view things.



All in all, WE MOVE. There’s no beautiful journey that lacks bumps. I wish you all the best in your adulting journey.

P.S – ‘Adulting’ is not an actual word.



The good cop-bad cop system they use on radio is starting to get old. I’m not saying that people should always agree on opinions, but darn! Some things require a human touch, they are not debatable!

The conductor jamming to midnight train made me super happy, Sauti Sol is such a talented bunch. I like my outfit today, I wish I could get photos, but my fave photographer left, yes, for greener pastures. I pass through a cemetery and a national park everyday, it’s wild when I think about it.

The animals must be up and ready for the show. You know, people are going to see them and marveling at how mighty they are. Say a lion roars, or monkeys jump up and down and say, they spot the leopard on the tree, I assume that would get the audience excited. I just wonder though: – Are they ever bored of being in cages??? Do they miss their friends in the wild??? Do they have bad days where they feel like they don’t want to show up?

‘Gasolina’ is playing now, I have such fond memories of the song. It’s such a good jam. Why was I trying to shake my derriere at such a young age? Out there thinking I could move like them – Ha! Back to the cemetery, so many buried dreams there, some say that it’s the richest place, because in it there lies great ideas that would have been executed. So live while you can, enjoy yourself baby boo. Did I tell you about how good I feel in today’s outfit??? I did? Okay. 🙂

The driver has stopped at Nyayo to put on his uniform. He definitely doesn’t want to land on the wrong side of the law. Jam at Nyayo, oh my, it’s 8:31am. We have a performance appraisal today, wish me luck!!!

A Kisii man has just called in during the radio show, they are some of my favourite peeps in Kenya. He’s called to tell us about his child outside (which is the motion of day).

Today’s matatu graffiti that has stood out for me was, ‘Kwa ground vitu Ni different’. It was tucked tightly at the corner of the big Naboka Sacco Bus. I love that phrase… Keyshia Cole and Sean Paul are on now, the driver has increased the volume and I’m here for it. I’m late, but oh well, life’s too short to not enjoy good songs. I really need to work on my snoozing. I should include it in my morning routine video.

My Gosh, what an attractive man that was!! 8:39 am… I have a slight headache. Sigh.

My appraisal is at 10am. I should be able to get there in not-so-bad time. I get so paranoid when I see people standing outside windows in traffic…My first thought, “PUT THAT PHONE DOWN!” Yeah, it’s trauma.

Aubumeyang has signed another contract for Arsenal??? WOW!!! Whooo-hoooo! Awesome!!! We still have him for three years. 8:42am. Agip Stage. Good job, working girl!!! My current  read is awesome, I really like it. It’s so dramatic, here for it!

Got here at 8:50am. Really bad, working girl. DO BETTER NEXT WEEK!!!


The Lang’ata joggers I used to talk about have reduced significantly. One stood out for me, a ‘bulky’ guy jogging. He looked like he was in his early forties. I wonder what his life story is, anyway, that’s none of my business. It was encouraging to see though, because clearly, it’s never too late to start your journey.

Our departmental strategy meeting starts at 8:30am, it’s 7:56am and I’m still at Nyayo Stadium. I pray I make it in good time, I don’t want to be the girl who walks in late and out of breath from running to the conference room, lol. I’m sure I’ll make it in good time. Breakfast will be delayed though, since I detest eating in haste.

The local radio station we were listening to in the matatu really pissed me off, the babe said something that had me thinking about how someone would pull off such a stunt on National Radio??? Or maybe, just maybe, I was not the target audience. The driver switched to a different station though, where we got to enjoy good old fashioned music. It’s FRIDAY!!! One of my favourite days of the week, I’d like to shoot content this weekend, I really hope procrastination and sleep won’t come visit.

Peeped the Nissan showroom in traffic today, I’ve seen a white beauty. There’s a furniture shop that has very beautiful decor outside, I’d definitely be attracted to that. That’s really good Marketing, if you ask me. Yeap, you’re right, I have an obsession for advertising, product placement and Marketing in general.

I had an 8pm Zoom meeting yesterday, I’ll use the action points from the meeting to keep me going through the day. It was so productive, no, not work related, but boy am I excited about it. Why do people start hooting aimlessly when traffic starts moving??? Like y’all, chill, we’ll get there eventually. The police officer is such a drag though, what’s taking so long, Sir???

It’s 8:08am now, I guess I’ll just have the banana first, attend the meeting, then have breakfast after the meeting. Today will be a good day, It’s FRI-YAY, Working Girl. 🙂 Just seen Times Tower, which was once the tallest building in Nairobi. Seasons change, yeah??? Finally, the law enforcement officer has instructed our lane to move. The driver was clearly eager, because the speed at which he moved, Weuh!!!

It’s 8:12am, Late, Working Girl??? Because another officer has stopped us, just as I’m about to reach the finish line. This is upsetting me and my homegirl (still me). My song is playing, maybe I should try sing along to calm my (late) nerves. Sigh!!! The cop is unbothered, he’s even faced a different direction. Just when I’m about to get to the finish line. 8:15 am, panicky, working girl???

Thank heavens I carried both breakfast and lunch, so I won’t be making any stopovers. Can’t wait to get to work, sigh!!! UPDATE:- 8:19am, Release. We’re freeeeee!!! Finally, I got here by 8:28am, no, I’m not the last one, PHEWKS!!! Had my banana first, because I can’t function on empty. It’s going to be a very good day.

Working Girl, As A Woman You Should…???

I’d like to announce that the inconsistency in my blog and I are now in the final stages of separation. Let me fill you in on the deets, it was a bit blurry at first during the talking stage, then it become evident that we were an item and we going steady. I told him recently that I wanted us to break up (yes, it’s a man). No, we won’t be friends after. He didn’t take the news well, but I hope he moves onto the next one.

My main bitch, the one I truly love – let’s call her vlog consistency -and I are doing alright. We’ve spent a good amount of time together and we’ll be seeing each other very soon.

Now, onto the main post. My week has been great so far, I’ve enjoyed working (can’t believe I’m saying this consciously). I’ve been as busy as a bee these past three days, I should probably start a clothing brand named ‘Busy Bea’ (get it?).

We have an upcoming event at work on Friday, a webinar. The panelists are really cool peeps, passionate about mental health. Guess who will be the host? ME! I am so proud of myself. It’s been a really long time coming regarding this concept and now we’re just down to the last three days. Wish me luck.

To usher me back to blogging, allow me give y’all a story. 💃

Have I ever told you about that strange man from another department who tried me with that stupid “As a woman, you should…” analogy a while back? It irked me because he didn’t even introduce himself, just jumped right in and began asking me if I’ve carried lunch for the both of us. I was going to warm my food and he’d come to see the man who sits behind me, an accountant.

The fateful events of that day went something like this:-

(Strange man who had initially come to see the accountant moves closer to my desk as the accountant looks for some documents. We’ve never met before and he doesn’t bother to say hello or introduce himself).

(Beautiful maiden on her way to warm food, she’s perturbed by the fact that a strange man is talking to her so casually and why he’s facing her desk now)

Him:-Leo umetubebea nini?

Beautiful maiden:- (shocked by the audacity while still trying to be polite) Nimebeba yangu pekee yangu…

Him: – But you know ladies are the ones who should be carrying food and they should not carry theirs alone…

Her 😦 (Walks to the microwave without uttering any word, because she does not have that time. Also, she is really trying to be right with the her maker)

Is it crack that some people use? You could dismiss it as a ‘joke’ cause he’d seen me with my dish, but were we really cool like that? I did a rant video when I got home, I didn’t post it up.

In case you’re wondering why I’m telling you this, it’s because I’ve seen the man today. He’s from a different department that sits on another floor. Apparently he knows my work friend. I overheard him say to her, “I’m looking for a lady who will take me out for lunch, do they exist?” My friend (a lady, btw) says, “Yes, they do, actually.” The man went on a long rant about how the ladies he’s been with have never bought him lunch. She was super unbothered, her eyes were fixed on her screen.

Yes, I still don’t know his name and I have no desire to.

A wave of pity engulfs me as I think about the numerous ladies he’s pulled a, “Utanibuyia lunch lini?” without introducing himself. I giggle (inside my head). I

don’t have a problem buying lunch, by the way. Just that it has to be someone I’m familiar with or I like, not someone who has approached me and pulled a, “Ladies are supposed to carry lunch for everyone.” Was he mad?

At least his encounter got me out of a lengthy writing hiatus (insert inconsistent phase).

It made for a good tale. If you ever read this, carrying food is not a gender role. If you want to eat, carry/buy your own.


The driver is such a disappointment. I don’t understand why he’s not doing what Rongai drivers are famed for. So many of them were ‘playing like them’ (cheza kama Wewe). Luckily, I left the house in good time. If he keeps this up though, I might not make it in good time.
We’re listening to Radio Jambo. My word!!! Some of their stories are borderline hilarious.
Before I forget…

I worked from home yesterday, my morning was really productive. As for my afternoon though, let’s just say life really happens.

They’ve just played ‘Sunshine’ by Nameless and Habida. Time flies, huh???
Is it me or has the number of Lang’ata joggers drastically decreased??? There’s probably some that decided to rest for one day and ended up resting completely… For the ones who’ve not given up, KUDOS!!! I hope you achieve your goals…
7:25am. Lang’ata Road. Awesome!!! 
It’s misty today…
I could see Kibera slum from where I sit. I’d love to go there someday, for charity.
Just passed by Triple S, in high school girls used to go really crazy for guys from that school. My first boyfriend went to that school, apparently, he was a perfect. Lol. No, we don’t keep in touch.
So many people are walking along Mbagathi way, going to fend for themselves and their families, I wonder what their dreams are or which goals they intend to squash today.
I’ve just read a thread on Twitter about a Mechanical Engineering Graduate and his tarmarking experience, things are really thick out here.
Many people have given their experiences about how that specific race subject their employees to very adverse conditions. Poor pay, tough working conditions and bad terms. It’s sad because their very good in business, hence their profit margins are vast, why subject workers to such deplorable conditions???
I’m so grateful for a good employer. I’m grateful for a very conducive working environment and for good terms. These blessings should not be taken for granted.
Upperhill gives me such fond memories. It’s where we had the BikoZulu Writing Masterclass. 🙂
Yeah, today I used the Kenyatta route instead of Nyayo … It feels nice to be spoilt for choice.
Agip Stage.
Well In, Working Girl.


I started off on such a high note yesterday, I wouldn’t want to ruin it today…

It’s 7:20, there’s no way I’ll be there in remotely good time.
The lady next to me didn’t want to social distance and she had the nerve to not put on her mask properly, I called her out. She’s taken offense though. I don’t care. There’s no way I’m going to be careful all day and then someone puts me at risk.
I also prohibit an extra passenger to use the empty seat next to me. Why don’t people follow rules though???
Relax, Working Girl. You’re doing the right thing.
We had an incident yesterday evening, the shortcut I use to evade traffic was rather slippery cause it rained. It was super messy, I got rained on because all of us had to alight…
I won’t be using that route again though… I’ve been explicitly forbade by my folks… So It’s back to Magadi Road traffic, eyy??? Hello my REALLY LONG lost friend. I’d be lying if I said I’d missed you.

In case you’re wondering, the train of thought was inspired by seeing a ‘nganya’. They’re my new evening buddies now. What I don’t like about them is the fact that they don’t get to the central destination. They’re usually in a rush to go back to town. No, they don’t care. Yes, people have accepted it. For years now. We’ve normalised bad behaviour.
Wish me luck Fam.
I am excited about my tasks today. They are for a top tier project… 
I will do my best at it.
In the meantime,
Allow me read my book, It’s been a while now. The author of my book is so refreshingly different. 🙂
I’ve checked out her page since Saturday, Sis is outchea living her best life.
I got to work 10 minutes late. Completed my tasks happily (I really like that project) and now it’s lunch time… You’re right, THERE’S FOOD AT HOME.

Our intern gifted me chocolate and it made me so happy. 🙂


I remember seeing this magnetic gift card at House of leather and falling in love with it immediately. It was like a baby, stretching out its arms for me to pick it up. Take it down a notch Sis, you’re being too dramatic. I was unemployed. That period for me was filled with a lot of funks and stress. On that specific day though, I was feeling rather hopeful. I was in such a good space emotionally. My sister would take me out for Indian later that evening. I know we could all say that the food made me excited, but naaah, I was at peace (for a while).

My intentions with the gift card were purely to make it a bookmark, not to actually buy for someone who’d put it on their refrigerator door to remind them of their triumph. Nope, none of the people I actually cared enough about to gift had graduated, started a blog, vlog or a business, had gotten a baby, was engaged or had finally met the love of their lives.

It was all for me and my books (I sound like such a selfish prick, but we move)..It was the same day I took good photos from my sister’s window. I’d done a full face beat and my lips were popping. I’d actually started a YouTube channel, so I tagged Nouba and THEY RESPONDED. Even re-shared my post 🙂 It was such a big deal to me then. I felt like I’d won at content creation. Shortly after, I deleted that channel (with 47 subscribers), I also deleted all my social media accounts, well, because when self doubt visited, she came to stay.

I was wearing my short green dress and a bright smile to match up the vibes. It was such a blissful day..It was also the day before I wrote a therapeutic paragraph(s) to my ex. My friend had texted me and said she saw him around a famous building in town. He jolted when he saw her. I wrote hella long paragraphs listing all the pain and suffering I’d been through in that one year, the gas-lighting, the body shaming, the blatant disrespect, name it.

I don’t know what I was thinking, because somehow, I ended up being gaslit – AGAIN! Talking about how I wasn’t good – niggah you made me crazy! It was healing on my end though, because it freed me and gave me so much clarity. Before and after that, he’d been trying to reach out, but sadly, to no avail, because I ignore negative energy. Also, because I’m not trying to go to prison at a young age. 

Just the day before that, I’d bought myself a congratulatory card as a bookmark. I decided to give it more meaning. So I dubbed it a ‘Pre-congratulations’ card for my upcoming job. It had been months of watching Netflix and Chilling, but I did try. I was sad, anxious and angry, but still sent out applications. My To-Do lists everyday were filled with ‘APPLY FOR JOBS’. I gave it meaning and it worked, foolishly hoping, ‘Faithing it’ and it sure as hell came to pass loves. People do this all the time by the way, I actually thought I was crazy.

Some buy key holders in advance for their apartments, others buy baby clothes as they wait, some wear wedding bands as they wait for a bride or groom, while others buy suits and briefcases as they wait for jobs. I bought a congratulatory card, for my job in advance..I’d like to congratulate myself for starting from scratch. Another channel, another blog, for finally getting that job I’d hoped for and mostly, for leaving the gherro that was a toxic relationship.CONGRATULATIONS to you too in advance.



Dear Diary,

I was in such a funk last week.


I had such an anxious spell weuh. On Thursday, I was wondering what was going on with my life. I even had a break down sesh. Crying – highly recommend. 10/10 would vouch for it.

The funk was triggered by thoughts of where I thought I ought to be versus actual footage on the ground. I managed to pull myself out of the funk by seeking help(would highly recommend talking to someone you trust), I spoke to my mum and sister. I felt so good afterwards.


Moving forward, I pray for peace over my life. I would like to get to a place where I’m living in the present and just being happy generally.


My weekend was on such a high, I had so much fun with my sisters.

I have a Youtube channel by the way (proceeds to plug self).

Here’s the link to the most recent video:-

So Monday.

My fave matatu graffiti I saw was *FLOAT LIKE A BUTTERFLY*, no, the line below was not *sting like a bee*, but something I vowed I’d google later because it made no sense. They had one job! Sorry Ali, they didn’t gotta do you like that.

One of the reasons I was under so much pressure was because I wanted to do content creation full time. I really love creating. I wanna be as authentic as can be, I wanna attract my true soul tribe. I will appeal to acertain audience, who will find me hella relatable. I will still churn out good content, according to MY metrics.


The desire to be at a specific place can make one despise where they are currently, please watch out. This creates a ripple effect.


1. Nkatha wants to be a full time content creator.

2. Nkatha has an 8-5, which is actually in a very condusive environment, with good colleagues and a generous salary (for entry level).

3. Nkatha constantly thinks about how life would be if she were to live out her full passion, while at this 8-5.

Now tell me, dear readers, will Nkatha really focus on her 8-5? Exactly. Nope. Simple tasks will start to look really complex. She’ll start feeling like everything is going really wrong, in all aspects of her life. Waking up will be such a struggle…


I had trouble waking up. Snoozed so many times and I honestly did not want to get out of bed. When I got up after what seemed like roughly seven snoozes, I started scrolling through all social media platforms without a care in the world.

For a brief moment, I considered calling in sick, after all, it would be my first time to pull that card.


As the saying goes (yes, I made it up), an african mum never disappoints, my mum woke me up. On days when she’s off, because in her field you can’t work from home, her circadian rythm works overtime to ensure I don’t wake up late. What would I do without her?

So she came to my room, woke me up and asked me if I was okay, cause she was aware of my funk. I insisted that I was fine and woke up, totally ignoring her invite to talk. Yeah, she called me in the middle of the day to check up on me. Bless you mother.


The matatu ride to work really served as a relief because I e-journalled (on my phone). See in peer counseling, we were told that the solution always lies with the patient.  I wrote down triggers to my funks and gave practical solutions.


Say not being happy at work for instance, I asked myself what made me fall in love with this job in the first place. It’s because I deadass enjoy Foundation work. It’s very fulfiling. I actually worked on a proposal for GBV. It gave me such good vibes.

Pro Tip: – To Do Lists Really Work Too.💜

As for my content, I won’t keep suffering, I’ll keep creating content and pushing it. A friend suggested I Sponsor it, even. Yeah, like an ad, but for your vlog. I really felt shy about it. Weirdly, I caught myself doing research on pros and cons of boosting your post.

My biggest fear is how it would look from the outside, y’all know how y’all look at sponsored content (Sorry, is it just me?). My research displayed so many reasons why I should go ahead with it. Guess what, there’s no point the bloggers wrote about people’s opinions.

I decided to stop thinking about what people would say, because they are not out here pushing my content, are they now? Plus, it’s for me, MY CHANNEL. I feel like it would help me get my soul tribe faster. Yay, Nka Nkatha Channel.


I’m writing this today.

As I do this I‘m listening to BenCyco’s podcast, with Wanjiru and Nyawira. So much learning. Highly recommend.

I’m actually also on tea break.

My fave graffiti today was on a Route 125/126 matatu written ‚Wacha Mambo‘ in cute-ish caligraphy. Fave sticker was inside the mat I was in *HAKUNA STAGE INAITWA HAPO DERE, SEMA JINA*. Lol.


I feel like I’ve found balance today, tbh. I feel happy. Of course I’ve done hella solo peptalks. I am where I need to be and that is on periodttttttt!

Also, there’s so much to be thankful for – a family that loves and supports me, good health (especially now), food, shelter and clothing (things that we take for granted are actually a dream for others, so be thankful).


I hope that if you ever read this and you’re stressed out about your future, YOU ARE WHERE YOU NEED TO BE. Oh, and, God wastes nothing at all. You are planted where you are meant to bloom, and even though the vision will tally, it shall SURELY COME.

(Took you to church for a bit there, yeah?)

Shalom Brethren. 💜


To breaking out of funks and blooming where we’ve been planted,

Nka Nkatha.


Normally when I am coming back from school I board at least two matatus home (kweli Rongai ni
mbali), on this particular day I decided not to listen to music on my phone and pay attention to the
environment around me. Usually I plug in my earphones and wear them and listen to music in public,
I only remove them when I meet an elder, or a friend, or when conversing with a vendor about his
commodity of trade, especially the pineapple guy next to that petrol station.

I was expectant, really, I
was hoping I’d see something different. When you listen to music you get lost in your own world,
becoming oblivious of what is happening around. I didn’t know that in a short while I’d see so much
drama. There are many characters in a public service vehicle. Here are some who caught my

1. Mr/Miss Jenga Mwili Haribu Jina

From groundnuts to fries, there are only so many types of food one could eat , but not in a matatu. The above listed have a distinct smell, and it spreads all around , making it a rather uncomfortable trip to your destination.

2. Mteja Wa Nambari

I love
talking, I could talk from morning to evening. In a public vehicle, I try to tone down a bit, and keep the conversation as short as possible, but there are people out there who don’t have these restrictions.

This type will talk on phone from the time the matatu leaves the stage upto the point he or she alights. Make no
mistake, the tone is not controlled, they are as loud as they can get, they even laugh uncontrollably at whatever story they are being told. You can actually gather information from the conversation, as no chills are observed, everything is put out in the open.

3. Tafadhali Niambie Tukifika

Everywhere, All Round. It’s there first time here, you can smell the fear of ‘kupitishwa’ or ‘conductor kusahau’ from a far. They keep nudging the conductor to tell them when they get there.

That day it was a girl whose hair was dyed red, had a skimpy skirt on and a bareback,had carried a jacket and a
small bag, she was talking to a certain ‘My Heart’ , telling him/her that the conductor will show her where that supermarket was. Karibuni lakini, I hope you’ll love it here. The more , the merrier.

4. The Couple

Lovebirds. Aaah, you cannot miss this not so rare breed in a matatu, or on the streets and in restaurants. Why they choose to display their affection I fail to understand. Yes, It’s a free world,but
you have the rest of the day together.

Why then do you insist on holding hands , kissing, hugging and getting extremely touchy in a matatu? I don’t entirely hate PDA, but isn’t it sexier when it’s on the downlow? I can’t help but notice the older women and mens’ profound disgust on their faces. If they
had the power they’d smack you right there and then. Ama kweli, Mapenzi Kikohozi (It cannot be hidden). Please, get yourselves a room.

5. ‘Boss, Wapi Change Yangu?

Indeed, once bitten, twice
shy. You can tell by the look on their faces that they have been deprived of ‘haki yao’ by conductors.

The urgency in their voices is enough to tell you that these people do not want to be robbed again.
They ‘pinched their ears’ the day they alighted minus their change. We really do learn from experience and past mistakes. If the conductor is kind, he’ll give you your change instantly, if not he’ll probably wait till you set foot on your stage.

6. A Zone Called Oblivion(The Confused And The Oblivious) Season 1

‘Shukisha hapo Chap Chap!’ The guy shouted. The actual stage was ‘Fairmat’ , In his defence, both of them are supermarkets. When we got to Fairmat, he shouted louder and louder ,
telling the driver to stop.

The vehicle came to an abrupt halt. He alighted, cussing at the conductor,
when he was at fault. The poor conductor received backlashing of his life. He was only listening to instructions. He didn’t respond. This was followed by a lot of giggles in the matatu. The man went home, still in his zone of oblivion. I doubt he figured it out.

7. Self Proclaimed Media Personality

This are my favourites, to be honest. They are people who will see something and exclaim for everyone to hear. They’ll see an accident and tell the story like he was there, even though no one is paying attention, they will soldier on , as the rest of the voyagers look with their mouths agape.

In this category, there are other types who tell the whole matatu the story. They are talking to their seatmate,
but everyone can hear it, giving vivid description, at times you feel like you know those people. Carry On Soldiers, You have a story to tell.

8. Simba Mwenda Pole, Hula Nyama

‘Hatuna haraka ya kufika!’ they’ll shout. These human rights activists do not like speed and reckless driving. They’d
rather stick to the traffic instead of getting there quick.

I prefer the latter, to be honest, stagnation frustrates me, literally. These activists’ flames do not get extinguished by the numerous insults hurled at them by the conductors, who do not at all mind their language.

9. Ulisema Ni 50

They come, see, but don’t conquer, to be frank. They assume that the money they have to offer is what is being charged
and nothing more. This gets rather ugly as a heated exchange occurs between them and the conductor.

No one else is complaining, so that means indeed you didn’t ask first. They guilt trip the conductor, hoping that they’ll have the last laugh, but to no avail. Kuuliza Si Ujinga, before you board the vehicle, please ask how much it is.

10. Usingizi mtamu si haba

Type of people that can sleep anywhere at anytime, even the bumps are not enough to destroy their goal of napping. They will sleep on the seatmate’s shoulder, who probably doesn’t know them.

If someone is considerate, they’ll allow, probably because they were working late, or just tired from the day’s endeavors , but very few people can do that. Majority will be agitated, polite ones tapping the person and impatient ones ruthlessly shaking off the victim of slumber.

9. Kelele Za Chura…

‘Reduce Volume’ ‘Change Ngoma’ All these are pleas to deaf ears. Maybe the music wasn’t as loud when you boarded the vehicle, but as soon as you sat comfortably to read your ebook, the blaring sounds filled the atmosphere.

Am sure earmuffs would do. I regret not the path I chose to forego earphones, in a short while, I had seen so much.

Life’s indeed one big soap opera.



The snooze button on my alarm clock has officially become my favourite. This week my blog turns 3 (yes, including the one week I took time off to figure out what I wanted to do – Turns out content creation is it for me).


I snoozed thrice today. Here’s a snooze hack – set your alarm 30 minutes before your suitable waking up time to make room for a few five or ten minute snoozes, that way, you’ll (most probably) still wake up at the right time. Yes, I am proud of myself.

A huge wave of sleep hit me at the office today.

I have a bad habit of switching across all social media platforms before turning in. I sleep an hour or so later from the actual time I go to bed. You’re right, my sleeping pattern is screwed up.

Luckily, there’s that dispenser walk I take frequently. That ought to do it! I’ll try sleep early today. I could also put my phone far away before bedtime (Instagram, Twitter and Pintrest are probably laughing out loud as they see me type this).

I’m at par with today’s tasks, feeling fulfilled already.

I have a weird craving for viazi karai, sigh. The restaurant downstairs might have made me hooked. I shall overcome.

Sleep attacked me with a second wave that forced me to go outside and catch a break.



I like our intern, she’s so productive. We love to see it. 

Tuesday is off to a great start, I really like my outfit. I feel cute. 

Might go thrifting at lunch time – wish me luck. I really want off shoulder tops. I pray I’ll get some. 🙂

My thrifting buddy and I lost touch, so good luck figuring this out on your own Sis.


I picked a nice point from Adelle’s legally clueless podcast, she suggested that we ought to find an activity to look forward to every day of the week. 

Highly recommend Episode 69, by the way.

Is it me or do all plus size babes have similar stories. No, really, it’s like we all do, no?

My tasks today are really low pressure, what a good way to usher in my lit weekend , oh, I have so much planned. 

You’ll see on my vlog.


Dear Diary,
I lost 200 Bob. Wow!!! Way to go Nka…When I got my change yesterday after buying airtime, I put it in my side pocket. I ought to have put it in my wallet. Sigh.

I was tempted to go down that road for, “What did I do to deserve this?” but  no, BAD THINGS ACTUALLY HAPPEN TO GOOD PEOPLE. WE SHOULD NORMALISE IT!!!

Oh well, msiba wa kujitakia, hauna pole… Irriswarrirriss!!!
I’m excited for Saturday, my sisters and I have a plan. Really looking forward to it.
Just spotted a woman who had no mask, wow Sis… Don’t you love yourself???
Lang’ata joggers, you never disappoint now, do you??? Always doing da ting!!! We love to see it.
7:08 am, Wilson Airport.
I’ll get to work REALLY EARLY!!!
This week has been a punctual one *pat’s self on back*.

Carried breako today… Will have it with Earl Grey Tea. Seriously speaking, I deserve a Ketepa endorsement.
Thinking about it deeply, there’s a lot of products I’ve endorsed so far.
No, they don’t owe me anything. I did it cause it’s things I enjoy. I like plugging people with good stuff…


Jana my day was in the pits, waaahh!!!
Today though, I woke up feeling better.
Just saw a post ‘Pray God Has Time To Listen, Do Your Best and Let God Do The Rest.’


I had such a fruitful working from home day. On father’s Day, we did a whole 8kms walk to Kamura. I couldn’t feel my legs after. My feet were in pain. I really need to start exercising seriously.

My word!!! I left the microphone at home… I wonder if I could possibly get a refund. I’ve been told chances are super low, especially because it’s what I ordered for. I could give it a shot though. Wouldn’t hurt.

I’ll try their online platform. I’ll request, they could always pick it up tomorrow, yeah?

When we got to Kamura, it was like a remote town where people don’t have access to information. We could count the number of people in masks. My dad and I looked like aliens in masks. At the rate at which people are acting ‘normally’ I don’t think we’ll beat Rona soon.

I’m off to a great start this week, only snoozed once.
This mat is off to an overlapping start – love it. I did a work hacks video this weekend, did my online course (I’m yet to complete my assignment).
This week’s tasks are exciting.
Today’s mat sticker is, ‘karibu kwangu, Lakini Fitina sitaki’.

Remember when I said this matatu has overlapping tendencies??? Uuuuuummm… Not anymore.
I love having masks because you can ignore someone you don’t want to interact with.
My first task will be my assignment. I’d love to finish that module and move to the next one…
I downloaded Hella videos for my breaks.
Lang’ata joggers… Monday too??? Okay, y’all are seriously chasing bikini bodies. I don’t know if I could ever be serious about working out.
I like my outfit today…
7:27:- Carnivore.
I’ll be there in good time.

7:40 – Uhuru Highway… Whoop whoop.
I wanna alight at Agip to make my walk longer. Maybe incorporate music in my walk?

There’s a guy whose gotten in at Nyayo and he’s super chatty. He’s telling the conductor a lot of funny stories because the man cannot stop laughing. I’ve heard, ‘simba, huyo dame aliachwa Kwa gari na uyo chali, sasa alitoroka gari yake?’…
No wonder he’s laughing.
On second thought Agip looks far…
Lemmi alight at Railways…

I had no strength in me to write. I just wanted to chill, to be honest. I’m okay. 🙂

7:35 – Kenyatta. Amazing!!!
Yeah, I took the alternative route today. The first fast matatu I saw was a Kenyatta one. It has not disappointed in overlapping.
I met an old internship buddy going to work too.
I remember the last time we spoke was about seeking job opportunities and how doors would eventually open for us. My gosh, the power of the tongue is real, yeah???
My phone fell face down yesterday. My word, the damage is real!!!
I am genuinely enjoying New girl… I highly recommend.
The matatu next to us is playing ‘Don’t talk dirty’ and honestly, I SANG ALONG. These masks are lifesavers. 🙂
I’ll get to work in such good time.
7:40 – Agip Stage. Love to see It!!!