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“Kwani hii boda Iko na speed governor???” “Mbona anaenda polepole hivi sasa???” “Sasa mbona ulisnooze? Vitu Mob Si must aaaaghhh!” Those are some of the questions I asked myself on my motorbike ride to the main stage.

I really cussed internally. In case you’re wondering why I took a ‘nduthi’ all matatus that passed by my home stage were packed to capacity, yes, including the ‘DO NOT SIT HERE’ seats.

When we got to the market, the motorbike halted abruptly because of fuel issues. One of his colleagues passed us and asked him jokingly (or not), “Kwani uliweka mafuta ya thirty Bob?” I had to get off the bike to give him space, then he opened the fuel tank and sucked it to stir the fuel inside. I must admit that it scared me for a minute because I thought he might invest it accidentally, but then again he looked so comfortable doing it, so I let it slide.

In a few seconds, we were back on track (no pun intended). Press ignition, let’s roll. “Ingia haraka haraka, hapa Hakuna mafuta,” he said. I did exactly as he said because heaven knows I wasn’t going to walk the remaining distance. The speed at which we rode was alarming, he kept hooting at innocent pedestrians who’d come from the market to purchase fresh produce.


All of a sudden the snail speed he exhibited at first made sense to me, he was most likely afraid to run out of fuel. When we got to the stage, he apologised for the mishap and said he’d forgotten to fuel his tool of trade. In all honesty, I was just happy to get to the stage.

I boarded the first bus (I know) I saw because of haste. 7:30am, really, working girl??? Allow me ‘sanitize’ myself (as our politicians in Kenya do all the time) by saying that for the whole of this week, I’ve been really punctual, like 8:00am punctual.

We can confidently say that my calls to do better by myself on matters punctuality from the previous blogs have worked? In my defense, today is Fri-yay, what harm could ‘putting in extra sleep’ do??? Okay, I need to stop being tardy. I have a long weekend ahead. I work from home on Mondays and next Tuesday is a public holiday. It feels so good to be one of God’s favourite child. 


It’s 8:05am, I’m now at Nyayo Stadium. There was no traffic jam, which is a huge surprise when you live where I live. Okay, I might have jinxed it, there’s the usuall Nyayo traffic. Peeped the Yamaha showroom and spotted a very sexy motorbike. Such a pretty little thing. I’d love to learn to ride one day though. I’ve always wanted to learn, I just haven’t been intentional about it though. Fridays make me feel like I’m not enjoying my youth to the maximum. I literally always have no ‘Fri-yay’ plans. Oh well, all in due time. I got to work at 8:25am… Whoops!!! Is that all you can say??? Really, Working Girl???



Hi. Welcome to my makeshift blog (I'm saying this because I'd like to start a professional one - not sure when). I consider myself a good writer, I have a way with words. Welcome to my mind, it's a great place to be in, most times... P.S - If you feel uncomfortable around necessary truths that involve hard conversations, I'd not recommend... If you're here to support your girl, peep at what thoughts linger on her mind and maybe just get your mind off of things (because it doesn't always have to be that deep) I suggest you stay, you'd like it here... Love, light and a creative space, fam, Nkatha.

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