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The Misadventures of The Working Girl

Monday morning, 5:30am, my alarm went off. I snoozed, at least twice, so my actual waking up time was 5:50am. Fortunately, I’d already packed my breakfast and my lunch the night before. In my head, 5:50am was a pretty decent time. Right? Wrong!!! Lang’ata road traffic would prove otherwise. At 8:24 am, I was stuckContinue reading “The Misadventures of The Working Girl”



Hey guys, I found this in my drafts from March 2020 when COVID hit us.❤️❤️. I still found it relevant and decided to publish it. Dresses, perfume, a hairstyle, meals, dates, shoes, even money, sometimes. DON’T SAVE IT. BY NKATHA MUTUNGI 26th MARCH 2020 Allow me play the devil’s advocate in today’s article. We’re inContinue reading “DON’T SAVE IT, SIS.”

24 Things I Know For Sure.❤️.

Hi, my name is Miss No Idea Fam (just incase you forgot, you know, since I’ve been inconsistent). I write sometimes, scratch that, a lot of times. The Good Man Above (I love this name for Him, just came up with it) assigned the gift of writing to His servant, me. Have I been consistent?Continue reading “24 Things I Know For Sure.❤️.”

5 Things I’m Taking With Me To The New Year

December 23rd 2020. 7:33am. Dear working girl, start on a clean slate in 2021. Please!!! I woke up in a writing mood today. It’s my official last day at the office today, thanks to weekly shifts due to corona. I’ll still be working next week, only from home. Praise be!!!.I’m glad I got my writingContinue reading “5 Things I’m Taking With Me To The New Year”

Welcome Back, Working Girl.

Wahenga walisema kuwa ‘Siku Njema Huonekana Asubuhi’. Kidosho yule aliamka  na furaha tele. Jumatano ilikuwa siku aliyependa zaidi kuliko zingine zote. Alienzi pia Jumapili na Ijumaa, lakini Jumatano ilimpa bashasha kupindukia. I’m a bit rusty, I haven’t written in ages. I had fatigue last week, which made sense since I hadn’t taken leave days, ever!Continue reading “Welcome Back, Working Girl.”


“Kwani hii boda Iko na speed governor???” “Mbona anaenda polepole hivi sasa???” “Sasa mbona ulisnooze? Vitu Mob Si must aaaaghhh!” Those are some of the questions I asked myself on my motorbike ride to the main stage. I really cussed internally. In case you’re wondering why I took a ‘nduthi’ all matatus that passed byContinue reading “REALLY, WORKING GIRL???”