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My punctuality has been under attack off late. The girl who’d get to work at 6:20 am or 7:00 am is now no more. She died. Dead as a DODO.

I keep saying I’ll do better, but I can’t bring myself to it. It’s 8:30am, I prefer to withhold information about where exactly I am. This is purely out of shame and not security purposes (because the internet can be scary). Yesterday I celebrate my first year anniversary with ice cream and good music. I had an ice cream party. 🙂

That makes today the first day of my second year in my successful content creation career. I’m genuinely excited to see where this will go. We had an incident in the morning, the door of the matatu I was in initially fell off. They tried fixing it, but to no avail. I had to walk to the main stage to get another vehicle. It’s Fri-Yay!!! I really like my outfit, so chic!!! I look awesome.

Congratulations, Working Girl.

For putting in the work for a whole year. I wish you all the best as you move forward. May all your dreams come true. 8:39am, my word!!! I’ll get to work REALLY LATE!!! What is this culture you’ve picked up. Oh, I know. It’s sleeping late as you move across all social media platforms then in turn struggling to wake up in the morning. You are a chronic snoozer, working girl. I’ve seen a man with a hoodie written ‘Ooliskia Wapi???’ Haha, we’re never late Kenyan, now, are we???. 🙂

There’s a noisy man on phone telling his friend, “Jana kulishika bro.” For crying out loud it’s 8:43am, Sir. I miss my bed, from the deepest part of my heart. I’m so sleepy. I’m facing consequences of my poor decisions. I should put a data limit on my phone, or alternatively set a sleeping and waking up time, yeah, just like in primary school. I can’t function well as a sleep deprived girl. It will probably also affect my mood at work.

We’ve passed that church that is in between two mortuaries. It scares me, imagine being mid service and seeing a body being brought in or taken out. 8:50am, jeez, working girl. Are you serious??? The phone man is still speaking. Now at Kenya National Library services , 8:55am. I wonder if their services are good. When I’ll do my Master’s, I’ll probably go their to research. Speaking of Master’s, maybe I’m ready to enroll. I’ve seen a car with a very beautiful bonnet, they’ve put cartoon stickers and on the roof too.

I’m thinking about the walk of shame I’ll do as I strut into the office past 9:00am. Unachoma, working girl. Unaburn Sana. I just want to go back to my 8:00am days. Next week, I’ll pull up my socks. Congratulations though, for being consistent in putting out content for a whole year. May your next year be full of pleasant surprises. 🙂



Hi. Welcome to my makeshift blog (I'm saying this because I'd like to start a professional one - not sure when). I consider myself a good writer, I have a way with words. Welcome to my mind, it's a great place to be in, most times... P.S - If you feel uncomfortable around necessary truths that involve hard conversations, I'd not recommend... If you're here to support your girl, peep at what thoughts linger on her mind and maybe just get your mind off of things (because it doesn't always have to be that deep) I suggest you stay, you'd like it here... Love, light and a creative space, fam, Nkatha.

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