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Hey guys, I found this in my drafts from March 2020 when COVID hit us.❤️❤️. I still found it relevant and decided to publish it.

Dresses, perfume, a hairstyle, meals, dates, shoes, even money, sometimes. DON’T SAVE IT.


Allow me play the devil’s advocate in today’s article. We’re in the middle of a global pandemic and I’m sure the last thing you’d want to hear from someone is ‘Do Not Save That’.

At a time riddled with people stocking up for at least the next two weeks, saving might seem like a reasonable option for those who may not be blessed with much. I am not talking about that kind of saving.

Before the whole self quarantine directive, I used to hold back on some fun things. Say a new friend suggested we go try out a new restaurant or go for a cocktail date, I’d opt out and stay indoors and you know, chill.

Oh, how I wish I could turn back the hands of time and go back to a month before this crisis. What was I saving my time for then? I have so much of it right now I don’t know what to do with it.

Today, I’d like to encourage you to stop this scarcity mentality. That ‘where will I get another cute dress if I wear this to work today?’ Oh ye of little faith. You’ve not even come across your best dress yet.

No, really, you need to STOP! Look, I’m not trying to dictate how you should live your life, but at least hear me out. I feel like I’m making so much sense. When all this is trouble is over, let’s stop ‘saving things for special days’…

I am not advocating for reckless living, all I’m saying is, if you can afford that cute polka dot dress – and still have some money in case of any emergency, or if you like ‘rainy days’ – why not just go ahead and buy it? You like it, don’t you? Get It Then. Just make sure it is within your means, don’t go broke trying to look rich.

Wanted to ask a babe or a guy out? Might as well have; now look at you, you are both in self quarantine, you cannot go out on a proper date because of the anxiety that looms. You also don’t want to put each other at risk because y’all don’t know who y’all have interacted with. When all this is over, please go for that date, but only IF YOU WANT TO.

Ever saved a dress for an spectacular event and on the said date it rained so heavily that you had to wear a long trench coat over your masterpiece? As if that is not enough, on that day you get a really good photographer, but you cannot remove the coat because well, it’s so damn cold. Bummer!

Murphy’s law, anything that can possibly go wrong, will go wrong. So please put on that dress while you can.

Have you ever saved so much money to buy an item, denying yourself good things, only to thrust the priced possession in the ‘Never to be used’ box on one corner of your room? Then you walk around for three days with regret and contempt, because you should have bought the good things you were denying yourself. Life’s very funny.

I have another one, ever gone somewhere and wanted to ask a question about something but held back and followed your own thinking? After all the strain, you discover that you’d have saved yourself so much energy, time and money even, by asking questions.

Fear sometimes holds us back from asking, most of the time, you really have nothing to lose. Next time, please don’t save those questions. Ask until you cannot ask again, like your life depends on asking those necessary questions.

We’ve come to that part of the journey where the board says, ‘You are now leaving the article, see you soon.’ I was your tour guide, Betty with the good hair, if you may. I hope you’ve enjoyed the part of the journey where we have learnt not to save things. Go ahead and use them if you want to. We’re only here once.

Is it that fantastic dress that flatters your body, the perfume your lover got you for your birthday (I clearly watch too many movies) and those heels that you really like? Please don’t save them for the ‘right date’.

I hope after this, we’ll all learn to live in the moment and stop waiting for ‘the right time’ to find us.

Don’t wait for that event to have fun; it may be cancelled by a virus.

Light and Love,


Update 30th April 2021:- If you’re choosing to ‘not save’ these things, please maintain all COVID-19 precautionary measures. Wear your mask, sanitize, wash your hands and maintain social distance.

Thank you and goodbye.



Hi. Welcome to my makeshift blog (I'm saying this because I'd like to start a professional one - not sure when). I consider myself a good writer, I have a way with words. Welcome to my mind, it's a great place to be in, most times... P.S - If you feel uncomfortable around necessary truths that involve hard conversations, I'd not recommend... If you're here to support your girl, peep at what thoughts linger on her mind and maybe just get your mind off of things (because it doesn't always have to be that deep) I suggest you stay, you'd like it here... Love, light and a creative space, fam, Nkatha.

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