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5 Things I’m Taking With Me To The New Year

December 23rd 2020. 7:33am. Dear working girl, start on a clean slate in 2021. Please!!! I woke up in a writing mood today. It’s my official last day at the office today, thanks to weekly shifts due to corona. I’ll still be working next week, only from home. Praise be!!!
I’m glad I got my writing jig on this year. I wanted to leave you guys with a fun one, from your favourite working girl, ME.

P.S:- (Working Girl Chronicles) For the first time today, I’ve gotten a matatu that is heading straight to town, I don’t have to connect. Yay!!!
Welp!!! We’ve been arrested, rather the driver and the conductor. I celebrated a bit too soon.
We’ve had to board another matatu at Tuskys, the cop escorted them to the police station.
So here goes the 5 things I’m Carrying To 2021 (or taking with me to the new year, or holding close to me in the new year). You know what, I’m sure you get the drift.
1. The Lord, My Provider.
Let me tell you Maina, had it not been for the Lord, so many things would have gone wrong. Thank God I’m making it out alive and well and for many other blessings he’s bestowed upon me.


2. Feminism.
This is a hill I’m genuinely willing to die on. :-). I am a woman, by a woman and for women (this should be my feminist slogan). Y’all remember history??? I derived that from  the definition of democracy. 🙂


Source:-The Messy Truth of Mommyhood

3. Eyeshadow.
Don’t look at me like that, Nana. You know I kill it in eye shadow. I just need to perfect the art of application, both of eye shadow  and make up. Yes, I think make up is beautiful art, to hell with all those misogynistic myths about make up.

Source:- Shari F

4. Abundance Mentality.
I want 2021 to be my year of abundance. 🙂
I know, I know. The Rona, corruption, men (LOLOLOLOL), all these things going wrong in the world, but I still want to speak abundance over my life, in all aspects. 🙂

Source: Behance

5. African Literature.
Best believe!!!
I love African stories a bit too much, especially fictional ones. I have a creative mind, so I feel really represented when I read a good story.

Source:- Nka Nkatha Channel❤️

These are just 5, in no particular order, to jumpstart my writing again, because I’ve been a bad blogger.
There are some that are non negotiable, like family, content creation, hydration, work, my skin care routine, etc.
What are some of the things you’re taking with you to 2021??? Are you excited about it? Let me know in the comment section. 🙂

I wish you a Merry Christmas. ❤️



Hi. Welcome to my makeshift blog (I'm saying this because I'd like to start a professional one - not sure when). I consider myself a good writer, I have a way with words. Welcome to my mind, it's a great place to be in, most times... P.S - If you feel uncomfortable around necessary truths that involve hard conversations, I'd not recommend... If you're here to support your girl, peep at what thoughts linger on her mind and maybe just get your mind off of things (because it doesn't always have to be that deep) I suggest you stay, you'd like it here... Love, light and a creative space, fam, Nkatha.

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