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I had such an amazing weekend. Everyone was home – fantastic.
Why does fate do this to me? Just heard the man behind me cough and I just…

I hope it’s going to be a good day. I have super good vibes about this week.
Genuinely psyched about this week’s tasks. Need to embark on my online course and gather data for M&E.

Classic 105 has such smooth jams today…
I’ve been reading a lot of Twitter threads and I must admit, I’m learning so much.
Celine Dion sings beautifully… Bless her voice.
I’ve been thinking a lot about solid friendships (or lack thereof) and I feel like things will look up for me in this department – sooner than I expected.

I wrote a list of the kind of friends I’d like to have, then dedicated it to God (just once – lol).
There’s no harm in demanding more from the universe, yes, even in relationships.
I’m documenting this here for when GOOD FRIENDS start coming through…

My mum always asks me, “Are you a good friend yourself?” My answer to that was, “YES.” I feel like I have all it takes to be a good bo (learnt it on Scrabble this week). If the energy is reciprocated though, I’ll be home and dry. I’m tired of giving too much and not getting the same energy back.

It’s 7:16am, now on Mukoma Road. Looks like I’ll make it in good time. Also, there’s no traffic today. I’m super surprised.
7:35 – Nyayo. Amazing!!!
Am I the only one who checks out cars I can’t afford in showrooms???

Was just checking out the Mercedes Benz showroom at Nyayo – there’s literally nothing I like (lol, you’d think I can afford one ata). Again, there’s absolutely no harm in DREAMING BIG.
May doors open for me.

Today’s discussion is on 6 year old kids having masks in schools. I don’t know how I feel about kids going back to school with Corona still looming.
Some parents are sending in their opinions – most of them do not intend to send their kids back to school. Fair enough.
I’m super scared for the kids and I’m not even a parent. I can imagine how worried parents are.

I need to buy a microphone for my vlogs. I’m super scared about online shopping though. To be fair, I got my phone online and so far, so good. So I might as well risk it.

Yesterday was a super productive day. I put in the work. Unlike last week, I’ve already started working on a proposal that’s due Friday today. Started on a high.

I also ordered for a microphone. I hope it is compatible with my phone.

Today, though, I woke up super demotivated. Snoozed thrice, took my time to prepare and honestly didn’t give a hoot about the matatu I took.
My highlight was my imaginary interview in the shower. I was telling the talk show audience not to give up on their art. That it takes sometime, but they shouldn’t give up.

Oh well, my mantra today is, ‘better late than never’. Honestly though.
It’s 8:00 – Now on Mukoma Road. Sigh.

I’m really trying to lock out negative vibes. Whenever a bad thought crops up, I don’t give it time.
Traffic in Park Place, I’m screwed.
The only reason I took this matatu was because it was a woman conductor. Yeah, women empowerment. No, I don’t have any regrets.

It would be nice to have music though. There’s no radio. Just a bunch of adults on their phones, probably wrapped up in consumption of (mostly) negative updates.

The lady seated next to me – not really next, because one metre – is listening to music on her phone as she types.
I look back and the conductor hums every now and then… She seems happy.

The driver steers slowly, almost like he is afraid he might break the wheel. He even has the guts to  wave at other drivers. I really miss the fast matatus…
Passed by my old school, so nostalgic today. I don’t feel as nostalgic as I used to during my internship days when I was fresh out of school.

Baboons, two of them. Oh wait, there’s six.

Today my thoughts on friendship major on how I like unproblematic endings. You drift as friends, but the respect is still there. Love it!!!

Oh Shoot!!!
We’ve been stopped by a cop. This day is one for the books. Apparently this is not the right stage. The driver has gone to ‘negotiate’ with him.

Lang’ata joggers. A sight for sore eyes. I especially love seeing ‘fuller’ joggers because I find them super relatable. When looking for exercise videos these days, I like making sure that there’s representation. I love seeing my own kind.

I still intend to keep my energy at . I felt like spoiling my late self , so I didn’t see the need to carry breakfast and lunch. I need to be one of those, “there’s food at home” girls, because really, there’s food at home.

Heavy traffic in Madaraka. Oh, now I’m really screwed.

Got to work at 9am. Hi clown.

The sun is shining brightly today. Looks like it’s going to be a rad day.
My affirmation game is top notch. I keep saying good things about myself, my craft and my future. Love to see it tho… 🙂
Today I’m not as late as I was yesterday.
The mat isn’t as bad as yesterday’s. Still has no music *sobs*.

My highlight was that there’s a lady in the mat who requested that we overlap. A queen that one. I admire how she was vocal about it with no shame, even if she was clearly telling a pious driver to break the law. Her pleas fell on deaf ears, it’s like the conductor was a wall. She was shouting at a wall, pointless.

Spotted a green vintage Volvo – so beautiful.
7:48am, Park Place.
Nope, no overlapping – my choice in matatus is like my choice in guys, really misguided.
To think I ditched other potential good matatus for this one (for some weird reason I can’t put my finger on).
It’s going to be a lovely day.  I really like sunny days.

Just spotted a matatu in Madaraka with the words ‘NA HII KITAMBI UTAWEZANA’ Yes, written boldly, No, no question mark. Too soon, haha. Mejja’s line ‘hawa maboy wa kupiga looku hawananga kakitu’ really stood out for me, because I know someone who fits that description…from my past…Haha. In short, I FELT THAT…

8:12 – Nyayo Stadium. There was no traffic today. Hurrah!! I won’t be buying junk today because as said yesterday, ‘there’s food at home.’

The man seated a metre away from me just asked someone on the other end of the line, “Fare Ni How Much?” I don’t want to assume it’s a damsel. It could be a sibling, no??? All in all I feel like I missed that ‘tuma fare’ class because in my 23 years on earth, I have never been sent for fare by someone I’m seeing (could be because they were all broke ). No, I don’t think I’m better than other women. To each their own.

“Nimekutumia, we enda, ” said he who is using a red Samsung (gasp, they exist?). I don’t think it was a babe, must be his colleague because he’s directing them to a place to buy supplies for an ongoing construction.

I don’t eevesdrop on stranger’s conversations (okay, maybe I do because they make for great stories). In my defense, man’s is loud and there’s no music in this mat.

8:21 – Uhuru Highway. I won’t be too late. Gotta get that paper.
I feel like I should alight at Agip to lengthen my walking distance today. I’m in such a good mood.
Maybe this will help in psyching my mind for the proposal I’m about to go write. It’s on persons living with disabilities (PWDs). Super passionate about it.

8:40am. Not as bad as yesterday, but I sure am glad I’m here. There’s days I used to get to work at 6:20am, 7:00am. I need to go back to that space.

The walk was productive, I feel energised and ready to kick off my day.
I wish you luck in yours, Fam.

Miss No Idea Fam.



It was a working from home day…I had a successful Zoom meeting.

Dear Diary,
I woke up in super high spirits. Told Providence to go ahead of me and bless me. There’s a proposal I’m supposed to submit today. In case you’re wondering, Yeap, I’m going to start it today.
For the first time this week, I’ve made the right choice – an overlapping matatu. As the memo said, we should be at the office by 8 am. The restrictions were eased, so now there’s no ‘curfew’ excuse *cries softly*.
It’s 7:25.
Location – Maasai Mall.
I hope he keeps up the speed.
Characteristics of an Overlapping Matatu :-
1. Unnecessary Hooting.
2. Speed.
3. No time to wait – they don’t stop aimlessly at all stages.
4. A hyped conductor (this is not mandatory, some are usually very calm – Usimwone Simba Kanyeshewa, Ukadhani Ni paka.

Now you’re in the know, with Miss no idea fam.

I hope I make it in good time. Still have to get breakfast from Baker’s Inn. I really wanted to quit wheat – even bought oats. Hi Clown!!! My oats and yoghurt remain untouched in the  kitchen cabinet and fridge.

Sigh…I forgot my sanitizer. Msichana, utasaidiwa vipi??? It was the wallet the other day, today my sanitizer? What next, your mask?? Sigh…

Sometimes you can see wild animals when you get to MMU like baboons and warthogs. If you’re lucky you’ll see more on the other side (the park side) . This happens when there’s no water in the park. They come closer in search of greener pastures, literally.
I’ve been fortunate enough to see antelopes (or gazelles), I should Google the difference.

Man’s is still overlapping. Amazing!!!
Today the radio station we’re listening to is Radio Jambo. Haha…I just can’t…
I feel like most of the callers are from a specific place in Kenya. The accent tells it all…Haha…

Yaaayy, Baboons!!! Spotted two.

I’m on Uhuru highway.
What time do they air Patanisho, because it looks like I’m Finna miss it.
The stories give entertainment and drama for days…

Wasn’t keen on Lang’ata joggers, but I’ve spotted Rongai joggers today. Some people actually jog not to far from where I live. I should join them – or not.
7:54 , Agip stage. Praise God!!!

8:07… The working girl has checked in. Awesome!!!
So I’d like to take tea, embark on my proposal.

I have marked that matatu, it’s cancelled. They always turn before they get to the final destination. No matter how close you are to the  the last stage, you owe it to your customers to at least get there, not 0.5 kilometres before the last stage. Oh well!!! Ni life, no???
On the bright side, at least they overlapped. I can’t imagine sitting through traffic.

So Yeap,
It’s breakfast time, then I get to working on my proposal.

P.S, I really dig my outfit today, I look cute. 

Update :- Submitted the proposal before noon. I love beating deadlines, makes me feel like I have my life in order.

Till next time,
Your favourite working girl,
Miss no idea fam.



Dear God,
If I make it in good time, I promise I’ll worship you forever.
Please help me make it to work in good time. This traffic is insane.
I don’t want to be the last one to arrive at the meeting room.

Imagine the stares of walking in and you’re the last one…The horror (just kidding, it’s never bothered me if I’m the last one, as long as I get there, yeah?).
It’s raining, it was raining when I left the house…But these were my exact words, “Aaaah, Hii mvua sio Mingi.” Nkatha, you never cease to amaze me.

Wow…Nature really is unpredictable, no???
Touch this driver and make him overlap. I know the act is against traffic rules, but… I’d love to start my week on a high.

Coronavirus is so scary, it seems as though things are getting worse by the day. The toll yesterday hit a high…I better stay safe.

Spotted the usual Lang’ata road joggers, they do not come to play with fitness. They are getting that ‘summer body’ by fire by force, and by exercising.

Imagine seriously taking up exercise, my life could really change.
In the meantime, Imma eat.

Looks super hopeful. I have 26 minutes to get to work… I’m at Nyayo Stadium. If the traffic behaves, I will be there in good time. I have to buy my breakfast though, I hope I decide what to eat really fast.

Thank you for the insane hope. Looks like I’ll make it in good time.

I’m listening to Classic 105, I feel like that’s the default radio station in the morning for Kenyan matatus.

A guy with such an amazing voice has called in – Wow, Sir, you’re blessed. I’ve imagined how he looks in person, I hope he looks as good as he speaks. Too bad I’ll never find out…

Wow Go Classic and playing a baby making songs – what happens to the unlucky in love?…Sigh. We move regardless.

Better single with high expectations than dating with trash realities. Amen.
To the cop who is not giving us the greenlight (no pun intended), Sir, we have meetings to attend.

Oh, that was fast. Thanks. I wish you a good day Afande.

I shouldn’t have pressed that snooze button…I eventually reset my alarm, to alert me 45 minutes later…Such a clown Nka… Such a clown.

My automatic human alarm always comes through though- Hi Mummy. Woke me up in good time, but who am I? A chronic snoozer. Sigh…

Just seen a bus written ‘Blessed Hands’ and I swear that’s my motto from today…

Quick update,
I made it five minutes earlier, yes, even had breakfast.
My boss is on a video call with some partners, so the meeting won’t start at the expected time. Phewks!!!


Dear diary,I hope this finds you well.Guess who is working from home today? Me. I’m super excited…As nature would have it, I already miss my bed. I’m sooo sleepy. I woke up (not) early, and had breakfast.

God bless mothers because when I told her I had a Zoom meeting at 10am, she woke up to make breakfast for the working girl and exempted me from my morning duties (that I have when I’m on leave).

My morning was interesting, after talking to God about a few things (Lol, just kidding, I had a list of wants) I prepared for the meeting. If there’s one thing I like about our workplace is that our zoom meetings usually entail muting the video. You know what that means? You’re right, I’m in sweatpants and yesterday’s vest.

Yes, I have not proceeded to the frog’s kingdom – YET.Just gotten a call from one of my old friends and I have laughed out loud. Feels good to reconnect with old buddies.I miss my old buddy 🙂 A different one. 

Everytime I do, I remember how toxic our friendship was and I switch off.The working girl is home today…Will she really work from home?Also me :- (I have a list of movies I’d like to catch up on).God, please grant your daughter grace. AMEN.


My favourite day of the week (Sorry Sunday). Today, however, I left my wallet at home. What a mess. It hit me in the matatu, when it was too late to turn back.

It’s no Biggie really, I called my sister and she sent me the day’s money. Such a lifesaver. Imagine if I didn’t have backup, thank God for family.

I boarded the wrong matatu. Wrong in that he is not conversant with how things run here. This man is driving like he’s new to this hood. He’s so slow, our drivers are riddled with a lot of haste and notoriousity. C’mon show some spirit man.

The woman in front of me just coughed. Am I the only one who subconsciously freaks out when someone coughs in public?? She’s worn her mask on her chin, and she’s coughing, God, help us. We clearly have a long way to go.

So yesterday I read an article on New York Times about how New Zealand has eradicated Corona. Must be nice guys. Their population is really low though, hence easier to contain the disease.

She’s coughing so profusely, waah. I feel like this is the worst time to catch a cold, the stigma and fear around it is not good at all.

I’ve seen one of those mat stickers (yes, the white and red ones) written ‘WHY WORRY? TELEPHONE GOD IN PRAYER. Yeah, it was in  bold. That’s nice. I wanna ‘telephone’ him about a few things.

We’re listening to Hope FM (good music btw), that explains why this driver abides by the traffic rules. The word expects us to be law abiding citizens.
At this rate I’ll get to work Hella late. God, send speed upon your servant (for real).

We’ve stopped at a certain stage. They’ll probably take ages to get passengers. I really don’t like it here. There’s no other mat in sight, also, I’m scared that I might not get a fast overlapping mat if I alight.

Surprise Surprise,
We’ve found the two missing links. That was fast (at least we’re fast at something) lol.
I wonder what time I’ll get to work. Working girl is depressed.

I intend to have a productive day. I wanna give this day 100%. So help me Lord.

It’s 8:33 and we’re not even in Bomas. I’ve really thrown my punctuality out of the window. I’ll do better tomorrow.

Such relaxing music on Hope FM. Lang’ata Road is unusually fast. There’s no traffic – yay!
Lang’ata joggers not in sight. It’s mad raining. Thank God I listened to my instincts when they ‘told’ me to carry an umbrella.

Now at Wilson. My word. Will I really get to work by 9am?
9am is the official Corona Working hours.


Wednesdays are now officially my “putting out content days’ (my consistency has taken so many hits though, sigh).

No excuses from now on, I hope. So yeap, stay woke on Wednesdays for a blog, poster (s), vlog and bonus TIKTOK videos (they make me so happy).

My pal Jules did a taking stock article on her blog last week.

I found it super entertaining and decided to hop on the challenge. I made it a personal challenge because I feel like it is key to keeping up with your mental health and of course, entertainment.  

My idea of taking stock was documenting my day’s activities in a diary I keep in my room. Entries would look something like this :-

December 2nd 2019 – I joined the corporate world.  

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

This version is more like an upgrade. So here goes… 🙂

I am:-

WAITING: – For the Good Lord to shine his face upon me. I don’t know about you, but I feel like ‘the wait’ is frustrating.

I have low moments where I start asking myself, ‘is this really what I should be doing?’ By ‘this’ I mean vlogging, blogging, poster making and acting. ‘Is this really it? Am I good enough for this?’ My motivation is remembering how badly I want ‘this’ to work and then I pray, I admit with a hint of worry.

My accountability partner, Sharon, posted a quote. ‘Before God opens another door, we should praise Him in the hallway’. Don’t you think that that is one of the most beautiful quotes on earth? I have moments where I say to myself, ‘I shall praise him in this hallway’ (100 subbies, slow traffic on my poster page/blog, a not so bad Tiktok traffic) before I get to the open door (a robust following on all platforms with hella endorsements, audience interaction and a booming brand).


REVAMPING: – My skin care routine. I will share the details with you, or the journey, on my Youtube channel.

LOVING: – My job. I actually kinda love it here. The growth it entails is awesome and the environment super conducive. I know I said that my ideal work space is a creative space, but come think of it, this is a good place to be planted, I ought to bloom. It allows me touch lives (in the long run) and I still get time to create content (I’d love to make this my full time job).

REALIZING: – That there’s only so much you can do about adults and how they behave. People are different, accept and move. THANKS.

GROWING: – Out my hair, you may think, that’s so petty, Betty (get it? Okay), but I’m actually chasing length. I love my hair, a lot. Well, I used to have a love hate relationship with it, but then I realized that there’s not much I can do about it.

CONSIDERING: – Moving to another country and dyeing my hair. Too much? I don’t think so. I have no idea when and how that will happen, but yeah…

TRYING: – To validate people’s pain. I am a Kambua stan, she posted the quote, ‘Validate people’s pain’ on her page and I must admit that it is such a beautiful thing to do. Sometimes people struggle with things we find minute, instead of shooting a ‘hiyo stuff haiwezi nibother’ why not hit them with an ‘I’m really sorry you feel…’

PLANNING: – On restarting my weight loss journey, *Laughs in junk and sugar*

READING: – African literature, with a bias toward Nigerian Literature…

LETTING: – Go of unnecessary baggage, especially that of the past.

LEARNING: – Sign language, I know my A-Z and I couldn’t be happier.

BONUS POINTS (You Know How I Do…)

LISTENING: – To a lot of Calif records lately. I really like Nonini and Juacali. Weuh Chile! Some of Nonini’s lyrics though…ahahaha…

TRYING TO STOP: – Popping pimples unprovoked. Now I have a dark spot on my nose that is clearly not going away soon.

I HAVE MADE PEACE: – With the fact that a lot of people like ‘finished goods’ and want nothing to do with the ‘raw materials’ (my business teacher would probably be shedding tears of joy at how my knowledge retention is top notch). Wish I could say the same for Chemistry and Math. Why am I saying this?

As much as it hurts, people always want to be associated with a complete product as opposed to work in progress. Think about endorsements, most big brands opt to go for an established brand as opposed to ‘a promising/potential’ brand. Sucks too, but sometimes even those close to you will repost an already established vlogger’s work and never yours. P.S – They don’t owe you a repost, Sis/Bro. So don’t be mad.

May God see and bless us ‘strugglers’, in whatever field.

So that’s it folks. I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Goodbye Self-Quarantine.😢

Dear Diary,

Not only is today the first day of May, but also my last day of self quarantine. I was supposed to be working from home, but my oh my, did I relax and enjoy the ‘holiday’.

On the last day of self Isolation, I dressed up, felt cute and took awesome photos. Aaah, the blessing of a new beginning. Happy New Month Everybody!

I will especially miss bumming.

Netflix was my bosom friend, with whom I spent a lot of time with. She was always there for me. Day or night, Netflix would show up when called upon.

On our beautiful friendship ride, (because we were ‘ride or dies’) we met sleep and junk, who made the journey even more pleasant. They were the ‘aromat’ to my bumming.

I especially enjoyed spending time with my family. Such wonderful humans!

On the last day of self Isolation, I made fries. As they cooked, I took off my make up (from the mini shoot) and I slipped into chill clothes – sweatpants and a t-shirt.

On this last day, I thought about how much fun it was relaxing and maybe, just maybe, I was in need of that break.

I’ve made vows to myself for when I get back to work on Monday. One of them being, ‘I will work harder and give this job my all’. So help me God.

The isolation memories, I’ll cherish for life. I can’t wait to tell my kids about how I turned 23 in isolation, or about how their grandmother was an essential service.

While I was in isolation, two Netflix original series premiered and I binge watched them. Lol, now I have to wait for a year? Sigh…

Isolation, you were my one true love. You kept me safe from the monster.

Now as I go face the world, I wish myself nothing but the best… I hope you’ll be keeping safe too.

For those who haven’t yet been told to go back to work, enjoy the remaining bit of your chilling, because you’ll be summoned soon. Haha, just kidding, or not.



For me, ‘the one that got away’ was a girl, still is. It’s her birthday today.

We met way back in primary school, I think at the age of 11. She used to live in a neighbouring apartment building and we’d hang out a lot. Maryanne was friends with my other friends who lived in the same flat. Two sisters, who at least I can find, cause I know where they moved to.

The case was different for ‘Miyann’, yeap, she’d pimped up her name. We all had that phase, at least most of us have had it. While some nicknames stick, others are forgotten. Take for example ‘Nkash’, which used to be mine. I used to write B.Nkash on my books with a straight face and flowers to enhance it.

I miss her sometimes. We were really close.

At 13, she was the coolest teen I knew. So unbothered, so unapologetic, such a free spirit and above all, liked by my mama. It’s true what they say, just as mothers can spot bad friends from miles away, they can easily spot good ones too.

This week, on her birthday week, my mum asked if I’d found her. After KCPE, they moved house and we still kept in touch. In form 2, she paid me a visit during the holidays with a friend of hers, funny thing is, I don’t remember how she looked or her name. It’s funny because my memory never fails me.

I miss her, so much. She’s the one who got away because I always imagine what life could have been as besties. This is the ONE friendship from the past that I’d like to save.

On that day, she told me that they’d be travelling to a country in the Middle East (name withheld for security purposes) and my heart sank. She claimed that the place had greener pastures. I tried talking her out of it (of course), but she’d already made up her mind.

Today, wherever she is, I hope she’s happy and celebrating her birthday. I spoke to her once after she left. Just once in campus. I met her grandmother and she gave me her number. I was elated. Reached out first thing I got home. Her grandmother had warned me about her constant changing of numbers, but I thought she’d take me with her to the next one…Oh well. At least we spoke.

All my Facebook and Instagram searches have hit a dead end. It’s like she doesn’t want to be found. Maybe I should just accept and move on? I have fantasies about being interviewed as a star and plugging in my ‘Miyann Advertisement’. The question will be, “So, is there any friend from your past you’d like to meet?” I’ll look down, sigh and say, “Yes, Maryanne N…If you’re out there, please contact me.”

I’d have loved to see how our friendship would have turned out. Coffee dates, idle boy talk, the ‘s’ word talk, shopping sprees and even guest starring in my YouTube channel.

I miss you, Sis. We were cut from the same cloth. Sis had an opinion and no one could bully her. A go-getter, tough cookie that one. I wonder if she thinks about me too. The worst thing is I don’t even have photos, just fond memories.



In 16 days, I turn 23, just two years shy of ‘the quarter life’. I’m pretty excited despite being in the midst of this calamity.

Just in case you’re from a totally different generation from mine – because my work will leave a legacy and will reach many generations – please Google Covid-19. I don’t know if Google will be overtaken or will still be the ‘King of The Web Search Jungle’.

I still choose to lead a happy and positive life. This too shall pass.

I don’t intend to keep you here for too long, but there are a number of quotes I’d love to share with you, during this troubling moment and before I bid 22 farewell. Bad ass quotes by kick ass females (this should be a book).


So here goes. Oh, by the way, I’m not in the business of explaining why I picked ‘women’ and not ‘people’. You be the judge of that.

The opinions published are purely the authors, she will be held accountable for them. P.S, at this particular moment, she doesn’t care. 🙂

Well-behaved women rarely make history. ~Laurel Thatcher Ulrich, 1976 ~

For Decades, women who’ve aired their opinions, have used their voices or have gone against the tide have been shamed and insulted. When women do revolutionary things, they are considered ‘vile’ ‘wayward’, you name it.

A woman who doesn’t conform to societal norms of how she should behave is considered ‘Ill-mannered’. She is not proper.

Whereas pick-me women who are bound by silly rules are considered proper. Miss me with that nonsense!

Give me a ‘proper’ woman who ever made history… I’ll wait…

Even Biblically, babes had to defy the normal state of things. They didn’t follow protocol and weren’t constrained by the chains that were put on them by others.

They did badass things. Built business empires in male dominated fields, spoke against their injustices, slapped perverts who touched them inappropriately and wore what they wanted and killed it in them.

Things that the society deems unruly, they did and girl did they SHINE!

Honey, this is your sign to do whatever the F you please as a woman. Please share your story with the world, Mimi I’m here for it!

P. S. Pick me women are the ones who join the society in bringing fellow women down. Some of them include rape apologists, slut shakers, body shamers and internet trolls.

The term ‘pick – me’ is used because in the bashing of their own kind, they are seeking validation from mostly, the opposite sex.

This is not an invitation for genuine Ill manners, some things will not be condoned, especially if they harm others. The bad ass traits we’re here for are those that inspire and change the world.

Thank you and Goodbye.

If you’re going to rise, you might as well shine. ~Kambua, 2020 ~

Need I say more???

You’re up, so SHINE, Sis!!!

Why waste all that energy required for you to get out of bed? Wake up and be awesome!!!

Let the matriarchy begin. ~Nairobi, Money Heist~

The future is female. We’re deserving of equal rights and opportunities. We’ll never be the same, ever?!! In all aspects, we’re different, but that doesn’t make us the weaker gender.

We both deserve seats at the table?!! Give women more leadership positions. Give women equal opportunities with men in the corporate world – equal pay for the same job, promotion and decision making positions.

Girls can lead too. We have all it takes. We can finance ourselves, thank you very much.

So let the matriarchy begin…

The End.

Your GIRL,



I had the urge to start this blog with an old photo that was taken in church, way back in 2016. I studied it long and hard and thought nope, that ain’t it Betty. In case you are wondering, this is totally unrelated to my post today. I just needed to start, maybe you should start that dream you’ve been putting off for too long.

Self-quarantine is great so far, I’ve worked out today (yaaay!), shot a vlog (I hope I won’t delete this one) and here I am, blogging (hehe..a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do). Today is my one month blogavversary (made it up real quick). I was gifted with world play, for that I am grateful.

I get scared sometimes, that I’ll be asked by God on judgement day, ‘I gave you the gift of writing, why didn’t you use it?’ Then in turn I’d tell him,’I preferred singing, Sir.’ Then I’d let out one hell of a laugh and He wouldn’t laugh back, because God is not one to be joked with. So I woke up to the realization that I must, by all means, utilize my gifts.

FYI, I’m supposed to start cooking now, but what’s to stand between me and inspiration? Should man live on bread alone? I have been trying to find inspiration for days. So yeah, this quarantine isn’t as bad as I thought. I hope you’re safe girls and boys, please wash your hands and stay indoors.

I am a big dreamer. There’s things I’d like to achieve before I…(wait for it)…Kick the bucket (Lol, compositions were the absolute gherroo, well not really, cause I used to get good marks).

Sorry guys, I have to cook. Be Right Back.

50 minutes later and I’m backkkk…Sorry, It’s Selina time babe. Gotta watch it.

So where was I?

I’m on a roller coaster of emotions, my favourite Kenyan programme is driving me to my wits end. I will survive this, just like WE will survive Rona.

So, onto my blog post.

Why until then? I wanted to lowkey try my hand at a poem-esque blog. Just to channel my inner Maya Angelou, that genius! So here goes…

I would genuinely love to travel the world, but until then, I will explore the places I’ve been planted in…Right here, where I am, there is beauty…

I’d love to be rich enough to solve some of the world’s problems, you know, like needy kids’ lack of education, but until then, a kind word to a stranger will do…

I’d love to find the perfect man, one who loves His God more than women, but until then, I will shower myself with immense love since I am whole….

Wouldn’t we all love our work to be featured in international platforms? That dope blog post you wrote, or that travel vlog you shot? Until then though, appreciate that audience of 10,20,30, 75, 100, they are people too, no?

I’d love to eat without gaining weight, but until then uuuuummmm, imma eat, just kidding, I’m going to appreciate the fact that it took a while to get here weight-wise and it’s okay, really…

What are your ‘until thens’? My work here was trying to make you see that worrying won’t get you anywhere, you’ll have to chill boo and enjoy where you are as much as you can!!!

That’s it for me folks!

Love you. Bye. 🙂


Dear Diary,

On this fateful day I decided to ‘Go Back To Oatville’. I was doing really well dietwise until the devil sent his agents to attack me. The agents are hormones, and yes, I am eating like crazy.

Excuses aside, I intend to kick serious ass today. The working girl. I have pending work. One of my goals this week is to co exist with people whose habits I may not necessarily like. After all, in a work environment, there’s only so much you can do when it comes to picking your colleagues. So help Me Master.

Vlog-wise, I’d say things are looking up. I am happy that I’m churning out new content here and there.

Anyways, away from that…

It’s Valentine’s week, smh. I’d have genuinely loved to take myself out to dinner, but I feel like this is the worst week to do that. All those couples in a restaurant, then there’s you, all by yourself. The single, single girl.

Imagine being the only person in a crowd of love birds? I don’t think I’m that comfortable in my own space. Plus the mind (and society) will magically find a way to point out that you, the single girl have a problem. Why is she sitting alone??On a day like this?? Girl bye!

For this month, I should probably get myself flowers. Why not be my own Valentine??? I could go to the movies (Idk what’s showing). Then again after work, I could get fast food and watch movies till late (not romcoms, comedies maybe??).

In a world that regards relationships as being ‘IT’, being comfortable rolling solo is like a big ‘F-U’ sign to the masses. I mean, so many people are trapped in bad marriages for fear of being alone.

I’d rather be alone than be in a toxic relationship. I was in one (yes, I’ll blog about it) and I’m happy to report that I wouldn’t trade the peace I have now for anything. 😍

Enjoy your time alone. Do not deal with bad relationships just for the sake of being with someone.

So To All Single Girls, Happy Valentine’s Week. DO FOR YOURSELF WHAT YOU THINK YOU’D WANT TO BE DONE FOR. Also, this one’s for you *Picks Up Mic and dedicates a love song😘*

Adios Hermana. 😍